The Drug War Wall Begins to Fall

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by HighMind, Feb 12, 2009.


  3. whats that i see? i think its a little bit of hope on the horizon.... it IS!
  4. It's a wall which foundation of build of ignorance, lies and some racism. Through the years bricks of more lies and more ignorance has been added to make the wall taller. The wall is now so high, that we can't break it down. The only way to do that, would be to add our own bricks of truth, logic and reason; then the wall would become so tall that it couldn't support it's own weight, and it'll collapse.

    Lol, imagery :smoking:

  5. Oh, but that wall has been crumbling down fast. More and more news reports are taking a positive stance on pot and the blogosphere is just lighting up with legalization demands. The unpropagated truth is spreading, and it's spreading fast.

    I've been checking Digg quite a bit recently, and every day there is a cannabis digg that has been dugg to the most popular section of the last 24 hours.
  6. well, that's good to hear :smoking:

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