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The Drug Test: Never Thought it Would Happen to you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by riehmer, May 19, 2010.

  1. Right so I'm 18 attending college still commuting from home. Just recently I've been put on curfue and I can't smoke weed because my mom is a bitch.
    I've got a drug test scheduled june soon should I stop smoking and still be fine? Im 5' 8" 130lbs
  2. Depends if you're willing to take Niacin. My friend who's about 5'9 125 smokes the day before his piss tests and pisses clean. The trick is, he takes about 3/4 of an entire bottle of Niacin, and kills an entire case of water the day before and day of the test.
  3. if its an at home piss test just wake up easly and drink water like crazy. piss about 5 or 6 times before the test and just eat some fruit and ull prolly be good since the at home tests are generally weak and east enough to pass with dilution. color prolly wont matter since ur piss will be clear unless ur sending it somewhere, then take some b-12

  4. Hope he doesnt like his liver.
  5. Hates it.
  6. For someone as thin as you, I am guessing 3 weeks would make you safe. You might only need 2 weeks w/o the ganj. But these are just approximations.

    I'd recommend you buy yourself some home drug tests. Then you can test your self @ 7 days w/o, 14 days w/o, etc. and you will know how long you need to abstain to piss clean.

    Check online for some cheap tests.
  7. I had to do a drug test for life insurance and I stopped smoking for exactly 23 days and i came clean, except for nicotine from the blunt wraps... fail. DEAD ASS im exactly the same height and weight as you are lol. I also have a really fast metabolism. I would suggest you stop now, and start drinking a lot of water and try to work out every 4 days a week. Plus think of it as a t-break.

  8. Well that'll make everything soo much easier :D
  9. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is such thing as taking too much Niacin, its called Niacin poisoning and if you take 3/4 a bottle you will have it... Unless you have seen your friend taking 3/4 a bottle then i would wager he is lying. You will feel horrible and possibly die... Or suffer irreparable cardiovascular damage. Not to mention you will fuck up your liver...

    Niacin also is not a miracle detox it actually helps little...
  10. be responsible and quit smoking until you can respect your mothers rules.

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