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The Dream

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by ElRanchoDeluxe, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. the price is high just because they know people that buy these things are making money out of it, but i think yhou are right at 500$ cost.
    why would working on the side be a problem? the way i see it just weld some legs horizontally on a regular 20 ton press? :confused_2:

    sorry for hijacking your thread @ElRanchoDeluxe :poke:
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  2. No worries Scooby. I need to learn more about the rosin process anyways. There is a local company near me that sells plug n play platens for $500 that mount to any press in 5 minutes. I'm taking that route and I'm going to ask his thoughts on how to mount this thing sideways or if I should bother.
    I'm deep into the takedown of that room...crispy critters! The other room is making a valiant recovery and is now a week into flower. Busy as shit but I'll post when I can.
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  3. Just when you guys thought I was down and out. Here's the other room about a week into flower. IMG_20171114_155603950.jpg
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  4. Nice!!!!
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  5. Gj man. Never thought u were down and out. Learning from mistakes is a good thing.
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  6. Good stuff brother RD! Makes me want to jump right in.
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  7. 9560.jpeg 9558.jpeg
    Hey guys, it's been awhile. Had some family stuff to deal with and I've been away from my grow for 3 weeks now. I'm still not back home yet. Got these pics sent to me today so I figured I'd share them.
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  8. hold fuck RD. nice pull down homey!!! good luck bro.
  9. So I guess the beds are working out nicely. Excellent job man.
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  10. Thanks man. It ain't over yet. A lil over 5 weeks in now.
    Yes and no. Dealing with the humidity is an issue this time of year. It's counterintuitive, but the humidity is more effectively controlled by pulling air off the bottom of the floor rather than the ceiling.
    The second round of plants has been transplanted two weeks ago and a few of them look rough. Unfortunately because I was gone for a few weeks the plants were under t-5 before transplant. I'll show some pics of what I mean later if I can. They should snap out of it soon. Gave em a bunch of love yesterday.
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  11. IMG_20171209_210017306.jpg
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  12. Thanks man. This room should be coming down right around New year's.
    Every 12 hrs someone needs to be there to either open or close doors and adjust the settings on the mini splits. POW... prisoner of weed!
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  13. #154 Budmiser, Dec 11, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
    I LOVE that...Can I use it ? lol
    Here, I'll trade ya one for it :
    "My recliner called...It said I'm LATE !"
  14. Sure thing man. I stole it from a guy working at a grow store on Hwy 36 between Fortuna and Mad River. Don't miss those dirty ass hills of NorCal at all!
  15. Prayer Tower sativa dominant day 47 IMG_20171217_205822914.jpg
    Lemon Wookie day 47
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  16. Got this lil 10 ton Baleigh shop press mounted to a table I built for a rosin press. Hope to get plates mounted to it soon and get to squishing! IMG_20171217_210623706.jpg
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  17. IMG_20180201_185819455.jpg
    Hey guys! Been awhile...day 42 in the other room. They tried to yellow up on me but I thwacked em pretty hard with all our usually tricks.
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  18. Here's the press in action rocking out the burnt buds from the first room I got up to 117F when a breaker blew. IMG_20180123_181057670.jpg IMG_20180128_194217250.jpg
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  19. Oroblanco Day 42 IMG_20180201_185706481.jpg
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