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The Dream

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by ElRanchoDeluxe, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. This is the million dollar question for me right now. Most of the condensate is collected in a 100g stock tank. I've been pumping it from there and down the drain. I've used dehum water without a problem but never condensate from a mini.
    I'm trying it on smaller plants and eventually one of the beds. I have too much on the line to do anything I don't have experience with. I should get the water tested... hopefully soon.
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  2. Hey Wet, thanks for stopping by.

    Everything has been mixed the hard way already. Lol. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 man hours to mix up 40 yards worth. Ended up using 6 bales of peat per bed!
    I did it the hard way to have absolute control over what went into these beds.
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  3. Water test is the safest bet!
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  4. Really!

    Whether water sources or mixing methods, something on this scale and outlay is not the time for "sperimenting".

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  5. That last pic is an aerocloner I just got. I ran it w 2 gallons of water and a 1/4 teaspoon of fulvic acid. I've had that same gallon for 5 years. Glad I finally found a use for it. It's still 3/4 full.
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  6. Here is a pic of Big Red. Chicken w an attitude.
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  7. Here's a fan leaf from a ttnl6xappalachia from Bodhi taken a couple weeks ago. We call it "Happy Appy". I'll take another pic when I get home it's even bigger now.

    Recommend this strain for anyone looking for an easy strain to grow. I don't think there has been a single day when the leaves weren't praying.

    Classic indica, short, squat, with lil branching. The Appy should help out w potency. Should find out in the next 5-6 weeks. My guess is she will be the first one to get the chop.

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  8. The ranch is looking dreamy! I love the size and scale of what you do. You definitely go 'balls deep' when you do something.
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  9. Hey thanks man. This project sure has taught me a few things. Stress is a killer. Patience doesn't come easy.

    Those last few pics are exactly 3 weeks into flower. Here's an eye level shot of the main walkway. The other room doesn't have this much walkway.
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  10. WOW !!! What an AWESOME setup ! That's what my grow room wants to be when it grows up ! You named it right...The Dream , and you're living it !
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  11. Looking stellar @ElRanchoDeluxe ! Are you rolling yourself around on a skateboard to work them rows?
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  12. Hey Ficky, the skateboard idea was certainly thought of. The first set of trellis is 3ft from the top of the bed or 5ft from the floor. Plenty of room under there. I do a lot of work sitting on a 5g bucket or by placing a 2x8 across the bed to sit on.
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  13. IMG_20171016_205943344.jpg IMG_20171016_205840690.jpg
    Here's a shot of my personal bed that is about to be retired after this harvest. Trying to figure out how to take better pics. The single cola pic is Orablanca by Bodhi. Believe it or not but these lil plants are the exact same age as all the others at my shop.
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  14. Soil mix on the ranch.

    50% peat moss
    25% lava rock 1 1/2" minus
    25% Teufels Compost

    1/2 cup per c.f.
    1 cup per c.f.
    Glacial rock dust.

    Around a half lb of dried aloe was used to wet the beds down. These plants were given aloe foliar spray a few times after transplant. At transplant into the beds they were given an alfalfa/kelp tea. It's been water only since then.
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