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The dreaded T Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Loner Stoner, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. So, my tolerance has peaked. So sad... I tried doing a t break (multiple times in the last week) since school is starting up. But I just can't go more than 24 hours. Some mental light clicks on by then and makes me want to smoke.

    How do you guys complete your 2-3 week T-break? Any hints, or tips? My goal is to lower my tolerance so I can get stoned again and focus on school for a little bit,
  2. I'm 3 days into a month long break, so I can find a job, focus on the start of school, and bring the ol' tolerance back down. Its super, super tough considering the chronic harvest just started and there is some great cross strains out there right now.:mad:

    The thing that keeps me going is the promise of changing my life for the better (good grades, good job, and the ability to be stooooooooooooned). Also, I gave all my glass and shit to someone to hold onto, so I am not tempted. That definitely helps.:D
  3. during the summer I was toking multiple times a day and also took a trip to Amsterdam. Needless to say my tolerance was just way too high. A week and a half ago I started my break and I'm not gonna lie to you, it was tough for the first few days but now it's not hard at all. Just focus on the positives you are going to get from the break. That's how I did it.
  4. yeah, man i'm on a t-break. I dont know if you smoke any tobacco, but if you can find a substitute and then limit your intake of that, it makes it much easier. this may be because you expect to be physically smoking something and even if its not weed, its something. I have until tomorrow when i finish my 2 week break and i'm gonna get smacked in the face by mary jane on our "date".
  5. I havent been able to get any for a week so im kinda on a t-break. i WANT to smoke, but i say to myself "at least me not getting any will serve as a t-break
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    Yeah...I have the 'I just moved 1300 miles from home' t-break going on....there's a good way to do it. I smoke waaay too many cigarettes now though...coughing up black shit sux.:eek:
  7. Remember it takes a month to cure bud properly. Will be some sweet dank at the end.
  8. Its all in your head. Its not hard to take a T-break. You just have to put your mind to it and want it.

  9. That is what keeps me going! :)
  10. Go for a job that drug tests. LOL. That's what got me to go on one now. I can't wait to be reunited with Mary Jane again.

    I toked some Spice Diamond the first weekend of my t-break but it only works after you drop your tolerance a bit. The first 2-3 days, the Spice did nothing to me. Now it gets me stoned as hell. Vaping it makes me GONE

    Look for my posts on spice for more info. I'm lazy to re-type
  11. Find something to occupy yourself. I'm on a month long break which ends saturday(thank god)
  12. Just dont have weed and dont buy anymore.If you have it you gonna smoke it. This shit aint crack.
  13. preoccupy your mind with other activities.

    Make sure you have a full schedule and not too much idle time.
  14. After i burn through this quarter im taking a t-break. my tolerance is wayyyyy up from where it was, takes me like 2 bowls to get high now:(.
  15. I don't see why people always want to go on these huge no smoking T-breaks.

    for me, when tolerance gets to high, I reduce my smoking to 1 or 2 times during the week if any at all, then some during the weekend.

    Your tolerance wont lower as quickly, but you wont have to deal with craving weed, and you may actually begin to enjoy the schedule because you always get blasted as shit.

    I love it
  16. i smoked daily for about a year and took a 2 week t-break cause i went on a hiking trip in the grand canyon and had to take a plane there (didn't want to risk bringing it on the plane). by the end of it, i really had hardly any real craving to smoke. i just did because i knew it would be awesome, but it's not like i get home and first thing grabbed the piece.

    i think something that helps is just not allowing yourself access to weed (if that's possible)
  17. t-breaks are the hardest.
    at least it's worth it in the end

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