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  1. Okay, here's the deal. Don't judge me okay. I havent done drugs in a good 4 months until last Saturday afternoon. I smoked a nickle crack rock in a soap pipe, just to experiment, didn't even get a good high.I smoked a small clove of weed in the pipe too. With the idea of not doing too much so it wont stay in my system for long. Today is Wednesday and I get a call from a job to do a drug test, a hair sample test. I'm an African American male, I hear that makes a difference. What are my chances of passing. I'm nervous and so pissed at myself it's a real good job. My hair is short, I'm 6 foot.
  2. eww. you do crack.
  3. Yeah hair tests go back for up to 6 months. You pretty much fucked yourself.
  4. I said don't judge me, I had some extra money, I figured just do it to get buzzed, a dime of coke lasts me 2-3 weeks and I didnt want it building up in my system so I wanted a one use thing. I'm hoping I'm okay ause I think it takes a week to show up in your hair and I just did it on Saturday. Can an expert answer.
  5. shave your head?
  6. ^^^ Listen to that man...Make up some bullshit excuse about how a friend shaved part of it off while you were asleep and it looked fucked up so you just shaved the whole thing...Good luck.
  7. once a crack head, always a crackhead.........fuckin crackhead :D
  8. They will make you take hair from another part on your body. Shaving your head does not save you.
  9. dont shave your head cause they will take hair from somewhere else
  10. your fucked

    the way hair tests work is everytime you do a drug, it leaves a lil mark in your hair so to speak, kind of like how a tree's rings tell how old it is, only it tells what drug you did and how long ago you did it


    haha, i kid.... i kid tupac, we know only god can judge you
  11. you're too kind, i already took the test. they were wondering where they could get the hair from, i have a "shag" kinda like a black mullet, for those not familiar and they cut a few of the split ends from the back. I think I'm alright based on what I know (and based on the responses I think I know a lil' more than most of the people who responded thus far, I was hoping someone with more knowledge would respond) it takes a week for the growth to show up above the scalp, just needed more info.
  12. I hope it all goes well for you dude.
  13. *thought it was about dreads*
  14. x2.

    although the shaving thing sounds to me kinda stupid and fake.
    anyway i hope its works out whatever you do.
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    What company is it?

    If you don't want to say, please add them to the drug test database.

    Here's a method some people had luck with -

    If all fails, get every hair on your body WAXED and show them the finger when they test you. Say your girl has a fear of hair or something. Waxed because they have been known to yank out hair follicles if you shave. After you wax, all the hair will be brand new and clean if you don't toke.

    And yes, there is some evidence that African people show up more for MJ in this test. Their hair has more oils and binds it better. Apparently, white blonde people with very dry hair don't show up at all unless they toke constantly.
  16. I'll update the results, they said either tomorrow or Tuesday because of the holiday, they should have the results back. We shall see. Stay off the crack, I don't recommend it for anyone, I was just bored and doing something i never in my life thought they'll give me a hair test. I figured a pee test and wasn't sure if it'll be next week or the week after or this week and it'll be long out of my system by then.
  17. I failed, tested positive for cocaine. I should've permed my hair.
  18. Damn man that sucks. I would tell you that was a retarded thing to do, but im pretty sure you already know. Live and learn, my man, live and learn.

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