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  1. I personally enjoy drawing/sketching quite a lot, whether it be with pencils, charcoal, pens, pastels, whatever. I enjoy the acts of drawing/sketching and viewing the drawings/sketches others have.

    I'd start this with some of my own, but unfortunately, I do not have a scanner atm.

    So please feel free to post your stuff, I'd love to see it and I'm sure others would as well. I also figured that The Artist's Corner could use a drawing/sketching thread, hopefully there's not one here already but from what I could tell by skimming through threads there wasn't.
  2. I've got several pages worth of doodles if you want to see them. Just click the link under my sig
  3. checked em out.. verrry nice love how detailed they are. you have talent.
  4. Thanks bro :smoke:
  5. most of the time i draw/sketch shit, i usually end up tweaking it on photoshop to make it look better, but heres some raw pieces i did recently


    this thread gon be gud

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  6. That face on the left is awesome
  7. cheers man,
    heres the final step i did for that peice


  8. Wow, amazing picture.
    Bravo :hello:
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    Some great talent here. I'm hesitant to show any of mine. :)

    This drawing was a lesson I was giving my daughter to teach
    her how to light source and show dimension ....


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    That's cool. It's something different but I like it.

    edit: It's a little crazy for your eyes when all the individual lines are screaming 'go here!!!'

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