The dr_krapp is great thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dr_krapp, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. im great! and nicely baked lol

  2. :D

    (I am also great....and baked.)

    Yes, you are remembered, Oh Nicely Baked One!

  3. awesome! lol
  4. i dunno, i mean i like crap, but krapp... now that is pretty crappy dude =/

    im just kidding even though i dont know you..
  5. :smoking:

    to many bowls! stash_up is watching a movie ignorinf the fact i had to much lol shhhh
  6. kewl! im beyond baked! blazed is an understatement for me!!

  7. and your awesum man! :D

    i'm to fucked to type man it takes aGES!
  8. and for those of u who say u cant get fucked!:)S)

    but im tring to finish it to nite i had like 1 more than a ususal nite :D wot the fudge?
  10. oops thats not good

    i quoted insted of editing lol
  11. ha, thats too funny dude.. piece of krapp.. lmao
  12. HAHAHA ya no wat really put me in the mood 2 smoke.... the movie "field of dreams" i mean, just look @ the title! haha
  13. well you see! i am a peice of crap!

    EDIT: im gonna watch the beach, that film is cool
  14. i need more praise!
    lol boredum and heat


  16. lol, welcome back man!
  17. Dude... I remember you! Welcome back man :D

  18. Good to be back :wave:
  19. Your personality matches your avatar.
  20. Samus, how come no one knows who AIC is except you and I?

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