The Downside to Drugs

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  1. I hope those killers are caught and left to rot in a prison for the rest of their lives. Worthless human beings.
  2. It's just crazy to me... I'm sure there are people on this site that have truly been involved in this aspect of the drug world, but really, I've only ever watched it on TV or heard about it.
    It's crazy when it hits so close to home. That's why, being a smaller female, I only buy from trusted friends, and in places that their suppliers and such are not. And I would never sell unless it was being a middleman for a close, trusted friend. He was one of the nicest guys in our school. Really popular, involved in a lot of the theatre productions, just a generally great kid.
  3. For someone to run up in your crib with the intention to rob you and willingly kill you for whatever you may have, you have to be holding weight. He knew what the fuck he was doing, he just didn't expect what was to come of it. Sorry for your losses.
  4. RIP MAX.

    I know how it goes, just lost a friend last week in a car accident.

  5. thats the key right there, if you deal with people you trust everything will be ok, if you even THINK something shady is about to go down then it probably is. i cant tell you how many times ive thought in my head "idk about these guys," said ehh fuck it and did business, only to be jacked..
    but ill tell you one thing...power is in numbers...and when theres numbers they work off of intimidation but it all comes down to how you react and how quickly you do that will predict the outcome
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    I am very sorry about the loss of some guy you knew from high school, but Are you fucking kidding me? If it wasn't ILLEGAL THAT WOULDN'T OF HAPPENED!!! THEY'D BE ABLE TO BUY IT AT A STORE OR A PHARMACY.

  7. Are you being serious, she just lost a friend and your gonna come in here and insult her. Excuse me but please fuck off sir

  8. Whoa dude... you totally misread what he was trying to say. Not the place for insulting someone, especially in a thread discussing the tragic death of someone the OP knows.
  9. Well no shit. I think you're misinterpreting what he's saying. When shit like this happens over marijuana it makes people who are against legalization think that it just needs to be done away with altogether. Marijuana isn't what causes this crap, it's the fact that it's illegal.
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    No, im sorry she lost some guy she knew from high school, but she stated that no wonder why its illegal, if she didn't write that I would not of even commented. If alcohol was illegal deaths would occur all the time during deals, a lot more than weed deals too I guarantee because people act on impulsive all the time when they are drunk, but since its perfectly legal drunk drivers only kill tons of people and tons of familys get torn apart, no biggy.

    edit: She stated "law enforcers ammunition to keep it illegal" hahahaha even fucking worse. Maybe the dude shouldn't have been dealing, not everyones built for that game, hence the reason I don't deal or anything related to that field of play. Im a whiteboy from the suberbs, I love life too much to be behind bars for some fake money, i'd rather go to school and work and blaze from time to time when im at a party or with some people and an L'skee is goin around.
  11. no your fuckin trippin. didnt even have to read ur whole post to know that
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    I guess everybody is against legalization on this thread. Cool bro's

  13. I hope the mods forgive me for this, but dude... are you completely retarded or just really slow?

  14. No, you misinterpreted what I said.
    I meant it only happened BECAUSE it's illegal. And seeing things like this in the media make marijuana look like a drug worth that kind of violence, and people will likely be more inclined to get rid of it all together. Who (non-smokers) wants to make something legal that people get killed over?

    I'm not sure what his status was in selling, why on earth he'd ever do it out of his own apartment, or anything. The couple that was supposed to be buying may or may not have had to do with the armed robbery (at least this is what has been stated so far). Whoever the armed guys were, I don't know either. Maybe the reasons someone would go that far are due to his irresponsibility, but either way... it's really hard to hear.

    He wasn't someone I hung out with, but a lot of my good friends are good friends with him, and it's weird being friends with him on Facebook with all of the memorials being written.

    And not that it's that important, but I'm a female for those of y'all that said 'he'. ;)
  15. Money is the drug that plagues our nation. People kill and rob to obtain their fix. Money is the root of all evil.

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