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The Dos and Donts of staying high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MikeyToke, May 11, 2010.

  1. When i say that i mean
    what dont i wanna do and what i should do to keep my high lasting intil passed my peak (without any alterations)

    Like dont eat or take a shower

    Like do eat a mango or do nothing at all

    Any tips?

    sorry im really stoned at this point lol
  2. I haven't experienced any buzzkill from either eating or showering. But I have heard the mango thing works. Honestly, when I want to stay high I just smoke every hour or so.

  3. if you want your high to last longer you can eat a mango like half an hour before gettin baked. eating and exercise helps kill the high, but dont avoid them...else you'll just be a fat loser obviously:p i dont think taking a shower would make any difference to the high, it would be fun though. as for getting the most out of the bud you have, vaping is very efficient as opposed to smoking. sorry if this wasnt what you wanted btw, just tryna help:smoking::smoking:
  4. Dont: Do:
    Take a shower Smoke more
    rub one off Smoke more
    eat to much
  5. exercise a little and smoke another bowl works for me
    dont let personal shit girlfriend problems or whatever associate with your high
  6. I shower everyday high and it doesnt seem to effect my high at all...I have left the water running for 2 hours after I got out before though lol....
  7. Just like different strains affect people differently so do buzz killers. I can eat without a buzz kill as long as i don't eat a full meal or chocolate. Water kills it for me, can't swim, shower or even lay on a float in a pool and its gone instantly. Also if i get chilled the high disappears....might sound weird but very true..for me anyway.
  8. Well, I find that my high weakens a bit if I masturbate. Does anyone else experience that? Oh and the mango thing works really well. I also find my high seems to last longer when I am outside.

  9. i'm glad thats your 1st/2nd post lol.
  10. hahaha. I've been a long time user of Grasscity, but only recently I've created an account; and by recently I mean like yesterday.
  11. im not making fun of your..just what you said was kinda funny and out there..totally caught me off guard ay gotta do whatchu gotta do.
  12. Mango, then wait about 45 minutes, smoke a fat joint, then listen to music in the shower.

    ˙ǝuıɟ ǝq plnoɥs noʎ puɐ ɥƃıɥ ooʇ ʇǝƃ ʇ,uop ʇsnɾ
  13. Haven't tried the mango thing, but can tell you what I beleive...

    Showers seem to kill my high, along with eating, exercising and wanking.
    If I don't eat for a few hours, then drink a glass of OJ just before blazing up it seems to make me higher.
  14. A funny story about getting high and exercising. A while ago I thought, hey if exercising is painful, and weed reduces pain, exercising when would be great! I also thought that the endorphins released from running coupled with the high from the ganja would be awesome!

    I was wrong, absolutely fucking wrong. After 30 minutes of dreadful running, I was like FML, FML to hell. I mean the only thing I can a liken it to is like having to finish an entire research paper at 4am.
  15. Anything too intense kills my high. Showers don't kill my high, thats like saying a hot massage will kill my high. Eating to much food can kill my high, I just don't over-do it. Rubbing one off definitely does, ugh just don't do that if you want your high lol.
  16. lol yeah a few months ago i ran a 5k after smoking and I ran the first mile in 6:27 with absolutely no pain and then I realized how much energy I had just spent and my high died instantly at the same time and the last 2 miles n a lil bit were terrilbe
  17. i have to disagree with the running thing. i tried running high once and absolutely loved it. don't get me wrong, it was crazy, super intense. it was very 'painful' but it was feeling like a good pain, that i wanted more of. when i finally slowed it down, and turned for home, i had run a bit further than i normally would have. i've only done it that once, but would definitely do it again. i really enjoyed it. obviously ymmv. it did totally kill the high. it was absolutely gone by the time i was done running and got home (about 45 min). but no problem, i just smoked some more, got in the shower, and by the time i was out, i was out in never-never land again.

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