The Dope Cycle.. Funny and True

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  1. This is for all of you who are into oxy and percs and what not. Im only at stage two but I found this pretty funny, but also very true..

  2. lol im at a 4
  3. Luckily im still at a 1 :p
  4. Sad but true. Wish I had seen this and actually thought about it many years ago. That 12 and after it really hurts the mind soul and body.
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    Umm... Not true? The only opiate I've ever tried was vicodin and it was great... But I have only done it around 7ish times and haven't done any for weeks. Last two doses i've taken were both 5mg and spaced weeks apart.

    I'm sure some people don't have self control and run down this path but I personally will NEVER snort, shoot, smoke or plug any opiates. I'll also only try hydrocodone, codeine, poppy tea and maybe morphine pills.

    :hello: I've got plenty of self control thank you.

    Edit: stage one 4 evah
  6. I've been up to 4, skipped to 11 and am back at the beginning. Never hit step 12 though.
  7. I'm a 3, but only because I have the willpower to use in moderation. That, and I can never find a solid connect for a price worth paying. But I've been all the way up the ladder and tried nearly every opiate available but I'm not addicted and never have been.
  8. lol same, I can't get my hands on pills constantly so, i guess thats kind of a good thing ;)

  9. Take it as a good thing, that your able to get them once in a while and feel great, rather than get them everyday and feel O.K and become addicted and blow through your $
  10. Eh im kinda like 2.5 i guess. I just pop loratabs and drink syrup cuz I have some around from past surgerys and shit. Personally opiates are way to expensive for me to buy, id much rather have a gram of weed than 1 oc 20, or 40.

    But ya right now im on my fourth day of 25mgs of hydrocodone. But thats just cuz my throat is fucking killing me from how bad it hurts.
  11. This shit is so true haha

    1000th post:hello:
  12. im at 3 lol. I hope i can beat everyone and get to 12! ima skipp all those stupid steps.
  13. Yeah... Opiates are too expensive for me to ever want to do them often. Now that I think about it I've never paid for pills before. Traded a little bit of bud for 20 vics but that was a damn good deal.
  14. its amazing how some of these guys posts are remarkably similar to the dope cycle stages :rolleyes:

    done all but shoot up..
    but not anymore :smoke:
  15. hahaha um no comment
  16. Haha, its actually partially true.
  17. 12: Just set up a mud wrestling fight between my mum and girl friend, I'm chargeing $5 to watch to pay for smack but don't worry I'm still not ACTUALLY addicted or anything. I can give up whenever I want...
  18. I'm at 12. Fuck.

  19. Believe it or not, given some willpower,

    We can all choose what stage we want to be at and where we want it to stay. It's not hard to stay a recreational user of opiates without taking them every day.
  20. I've never been addicted :). Yayy.

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