The Dope Chronicles

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  1. Stats
    2x2x4 veg box 230w 6500k cfl
    2x3x4 flower box 400w hps

    Soil and Nutes
    Foxfarm OF and liquid line

    Starting seeds
    6 NL reg previous grow
    2 Dinafem WW

    Day unknown but best guess I would say is around 15+/- 2 for the NL and a week less on the WW. Temps in box around 82 with lights 2" above. All 5 NL topped/fimmed at third set of leaves.

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  2. I think I might have seen this set up once before.
  3. You dont say? I heard that it might be capable of growing some dank.
  4. Day 22 +/- for the NL and 15 for the WW. Gave the plants new homes yesterday. Put the Widows in 2.5g buckets an the NL in 1g pots. I took 4 clones from a NL that im going to sex and kill off it was 2 strechy for me but if its female and the others arent I got some girls. The widows are fems but need a variety.

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  5. I dont know if anyone else can see yesterdays pic but I cant so reposting update pic. Also the first will be poppin two more seeds reserve privada confidential cheese and ch9 white shark. Then im outta fems:(
  6. Forgot it. Im high sorry.

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  7. Day 25 NL Day 18 WW
    What a difference 3 days and new homes can make. They seem to have gone nuts as all have at least doubled in size. The NL front left is looking to be starting pre flowers but not looking like a girl but dont really care as its a streachy one. I will give it a couple more days though before I do anything drastic. The NL front right is looking like a champ but not showing yet as the other 2 are not as well. As for the widows looking good :) my pretty ladies. Going to set up the flower box end of the week tenatively. Need to find my power cord for my ballast though. God its nice to have a grow again I missed this so much.

    Keep it safe and keep it green and frosty folks.

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  8. There is just some thing about growing them that is fun. And when your done they give you such nice fruit.
    Looking good so far man. I cant remember but didnt you get a 400 hps for flower?
  9. Yeah I got a 400 but I need to find my AC cord for the ballast. I plan on flipping the NL next week end of the week. The widows I might let go another 3 weeks. I wanna pull some clones from them first.
  10. Like I said I couldn't remember if you had a HID or not, you know I'm a stoner right.
  11. Lmao.... yeah I hear ya on that one
  12. So took a look at the NL in question today and confirmed it as a male. Not to sad about it. It didnt fit well in my garden any way all streached out. So to the reeper it goes. The others are looking like the start of preflowers so should know by the end of next week what we got.
  13. We have a girl!!! The one I thaught was so beautiful showed me why she is today with a set of pistils. YEA!!!
  14. Update pic of whole box to day.

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  15. So got my power cord from wally world today. Now I just have to figure out a way of raising my box a foot so I can open the door wah wah wah. Always something!
  16. Well I got the boxes situated and can open both of them now. The flower box needs to get an old vent hole pluged and the vent tube ran and we are good to go. I also droped a White shark and a Confedential cheese today.
  17. Heres an update pic of the box. I was going to do a multi pic but the gc app wont let me today and wants to crash. Maybe another day but here the overall for ya.

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  18. Looking nice and green in the veg box. What size is your flower box, and at what size plant do you flip at.
  19. Im planing on flipping them by monday pending my lazy ass hooking up the exaust vent out the room to the attic area. Im goin to get some peat pellets tomorrow and clip my clones. I think im going to do 4 and 4 or maybe 4 and 8 depending my mood. As for my box nothings changed 2'd x 3'w x 4'h. I do think im going to run a screen however if i can still get the NL under it. Another of the NL will die tomorrow or later tonight a male I found earlier. One left to sex.

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