The Donut: A Mockery on Prohobition (by me)

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    I'm blazed and was just thinking about the whole prohobition and thought of this story. Its just for some shits and giggles.

    It's 1937, America is going through a terrible depression, the world is on the verge of war, Krispy Kreme has just opened its first store and Dunkin Donuts wont be around for another 13 years. There is a man who is a high government official and he is disgusted by the doughnut, he just can not stand them anymore. He gets an idea to spread the word that doughnuts kill. Their high fat and carb content, just filled with that greasy oil will cause all sorts of problems with American's health. Movies are made, "Donut Maddness" and people start agreeing with him and he gets a law to pass to ban all doughnuts from the country. Anyone caught with a doughnut will be thrown in jail.
    Fast forward 70 years, most people have accepted the illegality of the doughnut and just opt not to eat them because really, they are not healthy and will just lead to no good. But then again, there are those people who want their doughnuts. Houses are bought, their basements ripped apart and illegal bake shops are set up. Prisons start getting filled with doughnut dealers. People start realizing how stupid the law is and a huge underground doughnut market rises. Doughnuts are sold for $10-20 a piece depending on how good they are. Amatuer bakers by Easy Bake Ovens and hide a small illegal bake-op in their closet. A conversationn between Bobby and Timmy goes like this:
    "Hey man, I can really go for a doughnut right now, wanna go buy some?"
    "Not now man, my parents are coming home soon and you know last time they cought me with a doughnut they got crazy pissed and grounded me for a week, man."
    A little later Bobby is driving home from Timmy's house and gets pulled over by a cop. The cop approaches Bobby's window and says, "I smell the scent of baked goods sir, are there any doughnuts in the car that I should know about?" Bobby declines but then the officer spots something. "Sir, is that powdered sugar on the glove compartment?" "Shit" says Bobby. "Please step out of the car and place your hands behind your back." "But officer, it was just one doughnut, I wasn't harming anyone." "You were harming yourself, son. And while it may have been one doughnut today, who knows what it could have led to tomorrow. You're coming with me, maybe a night in jail will teach you what doughnuts could do to you."

    Sound familiar? Sound totally ridiculous?
  2. It is very similar to marijuana prohibition except for the fact that (legality aside) donuts are way worse for you than marijuana. I don't really see why we need anymore analogies to our current prohibition. We already have the failure of alcohol prohibition to look at.
  3. Yeah I know, it was just for fun.
  4. I didn't even get past the first sentence lol. The stock market crash was around 1929, the depression in the very early 30's. FDR'S New Deal wasn't even put into action until 1935.

    Harry Anslinger testified against cannabis to congress in 1937...sorry I do like the story though.
  5. This was good man I enjoyed the analogy.
  6. so...what in the first sentence isn't true then?
  7. Sir you are a genius, we should make copies of this story and hand it out, people would understand.:smoking:
  8. I don't see anything funny about this. But you and Mr. Obama seem to.
  9. Hey hey hey, don't go putting me in the same sentence as Obama. Obviously this story is expressing my feelings towards the stupidity of the prohibition.

  10. My post is not just about prohibition. It's about "legalism", which governs this world inhumanely.

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