The Dogon tribe knew about Sirius A and B 700 years ago(updated)

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    700 years ago, a tribe in Africa named the Dogon tribe had drawn cave drawings that depicted the now well known binary star system Sirius A and Sirius B. This drawing contained key bits of information:
    1) Sirius A and Sirius B star(s). Sirius B is impossible to see with the naked eye, and is almost impossible to see with a telescope (even the fancy ones.)
    2) The orbit time of Sirius B around Sirius A. Approx 50 years.
    3) Its orbit pattern between the years 1902-1990.
    4) It also contained information about how they got to know this.

    All these bits of information were proven to be true by science. Guess when it was proven to be true? No more then 50-60 years ago. So this obviously raises some questions. How did they know this? How could they find this out without any astronomy equipment? How did they know about Sirius B, let alone the orbit time and its orbit pattern for the specific set of dates?

    Their answer, Extraterrestrial life.
    Scientists answer when they heard this? They must be wrong.
    ^Well the Dogon people specifically said how they got it. Yet because mainstream science hasn't "proved" ET life they must be wrong. Yet they had everything down pat hundreds of years before science did.
    (They refers to a group of researchers)

    What you think of this if up to you. But I think the answer is highly obvious (from my point of view anyways.)

    Dogon people: Dogon people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also whats interesting to note is that the spiral in the attached image is almost identical to a strand of DNA. But that could just be coincidence.

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  2. Nooooo! I don't mean this to be a 'haha, told you so!' thing, you're posting in good faith, you can only write as you read.


  3. I know lol. I'm thanking you for pointing out my error otherwise I wouldn't have known!
  4. is this based off of jordanduchnycz;s spirit science videos on youtube?

  5. holy shit! look at that... he looked at a credible source that was contrary to his previously held belief and... actually read it and made an informed decision. I don't think I've seen that on these boards before.
    +rep to you, sir. :hello:

  6. In part. I had heard about this about two years ago but didn't bother to look into it more then when I watched his videos and that made me look into it more
  7. it happens, just rarely, and is often hidden because when people try humility out, they always have this incliniation to add a last word that buffs their pride, but destroys their humility work

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