the doctor is in! again

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 5, 2004.

  1. sorry guys i keep poping in and meaning to keepcoming back

    but u know how it goes, u forget one night, and they next and with othing to remeind me i forget. lol :rolleyes:

    how is everyone then?

    whats up with you lot?
  2. good the see you think about me lol.

    i been having a normal, non-stoned life :(

    But not only can i not be bothered risking my perants trust in me(even more lol) but i gotta get my campervan finished, its expensive to say the least so no spaer money or peices to toke out of, and im not a jay man.

    and also, im not handing my job over to anyone :D :p

    i shud be around more too.
  3. im not having bad luck with it, im restoring it, and being in britain, its gonna take alot of welding. grrr lol

    and as you say, i cant be bothered making it hard as i plan to move out as soon as i got the funds to do so, then theres no hassle, even tho they'll proberly know, theres no arkwardness.
  4. damn we missed you!! glad to hear you'll be comin round more often. i too, am just as stoned.

  5. really?! ARGH

    oh wait
    the worst thing we have here is drive by arguments lol :D
    I wish

    good to here your just as stoned herb lol.

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