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The do You Think I Passed Or Failed My Drug Test Game

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cupidfalls, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Okay yes, hello there, hi.
    So I had a drug test -- a saliva test, pretentious looking, a blue dot to signify the completion of the test -- on Wednesday at about 10 am. I smoke a decent bit I guess? I smoked the night before at about 12:30/1am I think? So about nine hours before the test? At 9 am I went and sat myself in my car in a parking lot and brushed my teeth six times and washed and gargled my mouth with hydrogen peroxide seven times in the space of about an hour. I smoked a couple of cigarettes. Bits of my gums had turned white by the end of it. "Painful" is probably a word I would use to describe the experience.
    I won't find out until Monday if I get the job. The oral swab test was sent to Quest Diagnostics. I tried to keep it in-between my teeth best I could, but who really knows with me.
    So, come one, come all. Give me your steadfast opinions on the matter.

  2. swab tests are hard to gauge IMO....when i worked at AutoBell after high school i was manager and just on a theory one day, i smoked a blunt, drank a dr pepper and took a swab test to see what would happen and i passed....but then i've seen other people fail swab tests...

    also inbetween your teeth is the dirtest part of your mouth
  3. In case anybody stumbles upon this and wonders, "Hmm, did she pass that drug test?"
    The answer is yes, my friends. The answer is yes.
  4. wow! how often do you smoke?

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