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The diffornce between getting high and getting really blazzed!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hondacrf150f1, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So i normally only smoke when im hanging with friends, just to make shit more fun. And we always end up smoking a shit load. Like so much that we just never stop laughing and doing stupid shit. You guys know what i mean, getting really fucking blazzed:smoke:

    anyway lately ive been smoking by myself a little, and i only smoke a little bit, like a small bowl, or a few good hits. It just makes shit better, but i still function like im sober ya know. Good feeling;)

    A downside i found though is it doesnt last as long...but damn my weed last a lot longer when i smoke little bits by myself than when i get blazzed with friends.
  2. Oh i just thought of something else!! Does anybody else every do this!!??

    When me and my buddies smoke we always think of great shit to do. Like one of us will be like, dude lets fucking clime up to the top of that tree, or lets go ride your dirtbike. But we always say "yeah lets just finish this bowl first"

    For 3 good reasons...
    1. Us stoners cant pass up weed
    2. Whatever we are gonna go do will be more fun high
    3. eh, i kinda forgot 3, its just fucking gone haha
  3. I agree man, things are just more fun when your tripping out of your mind =]

  4. That's classic hahaahh!
  5. i find myself saving a shit load of more bud when i smoke alone but im always with friends and the girl so it goes way too fast to keep up with

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