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The Different Thoughts That Circle Your Head About Pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goleafsgo28, May 16, 2011.

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    When smoking pot, do you ever find your-self kind of in between two sides of the spectrum in terms of the different opinions on smoking pot?

    What I am talking about is like one day you are all happy and feeling good, you know you just grabbed some nice bud and you are with your buddies or whatever, and you get high, you're laughing, talking, just plain having a great time! Music sounds so much better, Food is way tastier, movies are more interesting, you feel so much more connected to nature, everything is so vibrant and surreal...It's great!

    But then, there are those days where you are feeling all depressed and sad...For me anyways...................................And for me, I sometimes feel guilty about smoking pot, and what always gets me is just the memories of when I was younger and my mom was my best-friend and I loved my parents, we went to the zoo, park, whatever it was it was just plain innocent fun!

    Now I obviously still love my parents and we still have a good relationship, I still talk to them everyday obviously and stuff...I have a good life, I'm happy. But yet I always feel like I'm doing something wrong and I can't help but imagine what my parents would think of me if they knew what I was spending my money on or what I do when they are not home in my room, or late night when they are asleep on weekends.

    Do you guys ever feel this way? How do you deal with it?

    P.S. That is one of my favorite parts about smoking pot, late nights in the summer time when I am pulling an all-nighter at like 2 am, I don't even feel tired and I'm just playing PS3 or on the laptop ...ahhh:D
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    if you say you're under 18 you can be banned till you're of age.
  3. "I'm only 15 but turning 16 in a month" LOL.
  4. true..I see you guys are contributing to the thread...(well the 1st guy kk thanks for the headsup but the 2nd guy...fu)
  5. if i was you i would create another account and say that you're an accomplished business man. :)

  6. That "headsup" means go edit out the part when you said you were 15..... Like now...
  7. it's only evil because it's illegal
    Terence Mckenna

    he said something like that, but i don't know if he was talking weed
    but it applies to this
  8. I got banned from this site two years ago. Now im 18. HA in yo face. Naw ya but sounds like you got some internal shit going on because your so young.
  9. i always get this one:

    "pots fuckin amazing"

  10. there ya go
  11. Lolol you still haven't edited it yet. Hahahaha.
  12. This thread is about the different thoughts that circle your head about pot

    im not even 15 idk what you guys are talking about :S :/
  13. just stop. you are all fail and no win. :p
  14. I wanted this thread to be SERIOUS !!! :(

    srsly guise
  15. thanks for the info but I know the basic facts about pot i was just wondering if you guys ever get this feeling
  16. i hear you. i think about similar shit too, but everyone grows up and your lifestyle changes regardless of whether you smoke weed or not.
  17. Stop calling it 'pot' dude.
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    Here: what you're saying is not something that only people doing illegal things feel.

    Everyone sane, at around your age, starts to feel detachment. That you notice it means that you're keeping your head, which is a sign of fortitude and cause for hope for future depth of personality.

    It's gonna come out in big chunks with things that go on away from your parents eyes. This is like mental development, your awakening as a philosophically engaged living-stuff, sexual desire/action, marijuana, right. But that's not the deal, it's just a place where the deal is very figured and dense.

    Healthiest is to endorse and exacerbate the feeling by dwelling on it. Try to learn to enjoy emotions for their complexion and not for things like, this one feels bad. That leads to diseases, like being a dental hygienist.
  19. When I was 15 I didn't think twice about that shit. And honestly, it's really fucked up that you actually feel bad in my opinion. I mean I get it, but I mean it's fucked up in the sense that you have this idea that you're "being bad" so ingrained into your mind that you can't get it out, and it's eating at your subconscious.

    In short dude, don't feel bad. You're not doing anything morally objectionable. You're smoking a plant. Dude. It's a plant. And you actually feel ethically conflicted about lighting it on fire and inhaling it. Just think about that for a second.

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