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    Can you guys make a mental note on which stage of the relationship it is by the response...

    Question : How do I look?

    Answer 1: Not fat
    Answer 2: Like someone that's about to be kissed
    Answer 3: Oh, let's not fight

    Question : So, you want to fool around?

    Answer 1: Sure, it's been like a week
    Answer 2: Oh, your earplugs are in and you didn't hear me
    Answer 3: Definitely, it's been 6 hours.
  2. Answer 1: Past the honeymoon stage
    Answer 2: Honeymoon stage
    Answer 3: Been In it for awhile

    Answer 1: Past the honey moon stage
    Answer 2: Been in it for awhile
    Answer 3: Honeymoon stage

    And by Honeymoon stage I mean when the relationship first starts and everything is perfect, no fights, all lovey dovey etc., usually the first couple months. I guess it depends on the people though, I've seen couples who've been in it for awhile still acting like they're just getting into it.

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