The difference between the North and the South

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  1. dc is in the south
  2. What the hell does geography have to to with it. 
    Stupid thread is stupid.
  3. Major generalizations about people based on where they're from are unfair, and often untrue. Coming from a born and raised southern man.
    And I've met a few who've worked for fire and EMS in DC, they sound like the poster children for what not to do in their fields.
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    Yea and I'm from the Midwest so Im a redneck farmer right?
  5. Lol I live in northern MN and people do what that surgeon does every day.. your dumb.
  6. Lol lived in the south all my life...except for birth ...... But yea my mothers a charge nurse and I can't count how many times she's had to stop and help someone having a seizure or check on people who had a car accident etc.

    Southern people are pretty down to earth and welcoming. , and our weed is cheaper :D

    Though I have encountered people from the north living where I live , if they're older than me I say yes sir yes ma'am and they get so offended.....
  7. What point are you trying to make?  Over generalizations...these are individual differences not anything to do with where you live. 
  8. Fuck rescuing people! The REAL issue is where ya can get the best weed at the best prices.
  9. You take the stories of the best of the south and the worst of the north and then marvel at the difference...?
  10. You seem like this, a muslim taking controversial stories of christians and trying to prove with those stories how supposably better islam is, forgetting the countless shit done by your own religion.I say this because I noticed the southern flag so obviously you look at this as maybe a social division? Idk
  11. Just because I live in So Cal there must be mexicans everywhere right?
    Oh wait, there are lol.
    However as Cereal Killer said, mass generalizations are not correct.
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  13. What is this the civil war
  14. The North If Full Of Bitch Ass Niggas. 
    The South Is Full Of Dumb Ass Niggas.
    And When I Say Niggas.
    I Mean. People. 
  15. I'm from the south and I kick puppies.
  16. North vs south civil war 2 let's go!
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    really bright and informed facts huh... lol
     the civil war was over years ago Scout695
    the comparison by a set of news stories? lol fucking really dude?
    what a joke
    yeah it speaks for itself... look at the source... the Communist News Network
    fucking assclowns...
  18. lol home prices in the south are dirt cheap compared to the northeast.
  19. I'd argue against this actually. In my opinion the south ends at Richmond.
    No Virginian would say DC is part of the south.

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