The difference between men and women

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  1. men are unified by their unspoken ability to recognize the great overarching tragedy of human existence, and women are unified by their ability to temporarily alleviate that tragedy and to bring out the beauty that's right before them.

    then again maybe there is no difference :smoke:
  2. Men have nut sacks, women have titty sacks.

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  4. Testosterone and estrogen, penis and vagina, male and female..... life... its life.

  5. men poop women dont
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    Men are apex predators.

    Women are divinity.
  7. Men drive around lost.
  8. Men Simplify

    Women Complicate

  9. They don't even have assholes, just an extra vagina.
  10. Men Don't Cry Everytime Something Doesn't Go The Way They Want It Too, Woman Do.

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