The Devil Came In Red, White and Blue - A Poem About Imperialism

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Douglas Fir, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Paint the skies a lucid blue, but the blues take a shade of gray
    Viewed through the lens of past mistakes, no colors seem to stay

    Sand and blood stain the hourglass, time slips through our hands
    We bound ourselves with paper chains, crushed by our own demands

    Sold every ounce of humanity, for pools of flowing black gold
    Gave up their souls to gain the world, this story's getting old

    Empty notions of prosperity and freedom, bought but never delivered
    Soldiers kneel in prayer to a vacant sky, fingers fused now to the trigger

    Vanity, greed, and ignorance, the malicious seeds we've sewn
    Sprout a monumental monolith , of cold deceit and bone

    Imperialistic murder machine, grows old but never dies
    “Liberty and justice for all”, such a clever translucent guise

    “One nation under God” they said, and oh how they lied
    The devil came in red, white, and blue; God was never on our side
  2. Im puttin this on my Fb...gonna get hated on but I like it too much not to share.

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