The Desert's Hottest Grow: Nirvana's White Widow x 4

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  1. Hey GC, this is my first grow which was inspired by lurking on these grow journals for a bit and doing some research.
    Here are some details:
    Where: Closet grow
    Light: 400w MH (for now)
    Nutes: The Fox Farm regiment
    Soil: FFOF
    Genetics: Nirvana's WW
    I have 4 sprouted WW seedlings in party cups at the moment. 100% germination on my first try, so I was excited about that. I put the tap root straight into some FFOF and using the MH now (I know that it may be a bit intense but ill watch my seedlings closely). As I said this is my first grow so any comments or advice is helpful. :smoking:
    Some pics of the set up and my fastest growing seedling so far:

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  2. DAY 3

    All the girls are doing well I think. This is my first go around but They all have their leaves going except one who is trying to get rid of some of the shell still. They seemed to be stretching a bit so I lowered my light just a tad, but I don't want them too close to that MH light yet. I am also keeping them nice and cool with several fans.The soil was bone dry so I gave them all a drink until water was coming out of the drain holes. I tried twisting the stems today to strengthen them, kinda scary^^. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!

    Here they are on day 3. Got a late starter and quick starter then the other two which are about average. Maybe I should name them soon? hah

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    Ahoi there!
    What kind of box are you using? I mean a size. If you got enough space u could add some extra plant or 2. 400W is cool enough to create 6 strong plant-beeings :)
    From my own experiences i can tell ya that more plants u starting with as a begginer, more stuff u got at the end.
    Srry didnt catch it up earlier, were ur seeds feminiseed?

    Btw. ur babies are a lil too tall in my eyes, maybe u should think about pulling light lil closer to them?
  4. Hey thanks for the advice. Ive got them in about a 6x6 closet (dont have my tape measure near me). I was thinking about adding some more but I have to finish by the end of August cause i'm moving elsewhere and I didn't have my 2nd seed order yet when i germinated these ones :mad:
    Yea they are femmed seeds and I lowered the light a bit!
    Any suggestions on what I should do with the runt of my seedlings? Its growth is a bit stunted compared to its siblings.
  5. hey bro.yeah man im tuned in ill be growing the exact same strain from nirvana in a few months ill watch yours so ill know what to expect .i wouldnt worry bout the runt itll grow mabey get a little less bud bud hey its all tuned in and cant wait to see em after they reach the veg stage.:smoke:
  6. Hey man, thats awesome. Glad to be of service to you. Youre right about the runt, it seemed to have perked up a bit.

    DAY 7
    Everything is going smoothly with my lil girls. It was a long weekend and they seemed grateful to get some water. The runty one is gradually getting bigger and outgrowing its childhood retardation. I lowered the light just a tad more. They should be onto their next set of leaves soon! I think on Thursday I am going to transplant them into their 5 gallon homes and start some light cycles (20/4 im tihnking). I will most likely start giving them a little Grow Big and see whats happens after I transplant them.
    Just a shout out to my local hydro shop. Go support your cities hydro shop because they are awesome and very knowledgeable, :smoke:

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  7. hey man.there looking good nice and healthy,yeah transplant soon,personally i go right to the main pot right after germination that way you dont have to worry bout transplant shock ,id also bury that stem up to about half an inch under the first set of leaves the stem will eventually start to root which means more bud in the end but they look sexy as hell plus rep fro ya blade.:D
  8. Hmm maybe my next grow I will just go straight from germ to a 5 gallon. Put on some more FFOF to cover the stems. Checked the run off pH last night as well, it came back around 6. Thanks for the rep man, slinging some back at you for bomb advice :hello:
  9. sup?no problem bro any advice i can give im glad to im no expert at indoor growing but i do know some ive studied everything i can find about bud and read a shit load of journals check my main page and look at the threads ive started for my last grow it might help you some.anyway rep for ya too later blade.
  10. DAY 9
    They are getting bigger every time I check em! They are still too small looking in my eyes to transplant. I want their stems to get al ittle bit more sturdy. I'm thinking that Monday will be the day. Just got to gather some 5 gallon pots and more FFOF in the mean time. Picking up my nutes over the weekend hopefully as well. I was thinking a starting my nutes a couple days after transplanting...sound good? Also, anyone know where to get a decent light timer? In the mean time, catching up on some Entourage while growing, cant wait for the new season. peace:smoking:

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  11. Also, after burying the stems a bit they are about 4 inches tall.
  12. DAY 14
    Getting into the 3rd and 4th nodes now. Was planning on transplanting today but the hydro store was closed due to MEMORIAL DAY:cool: Definitely going to transplant tomorrow, just need to get some 5 gallon pots and some more FFOF. The widows seem nice and healthy, but it looks like one may have a tiny bit of light bleaching, not a 100% sure, but it has a little bit of pale color on one of the smaller leaves. None of the others have it hmmmmm:confused: ahhh well, will just keep a close watch and adjust the light height anyway after transplanting (couldnt get a decent pic of the problem area). Let me know if theres something better I can do, peace GC!:smoking:

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  13. Got my girls all transplanted this morning. I will have pictures up in the next few days. Those 5 gallon pots will give them PLENTY of room to stretch. Went down to my other place and picked up my FF nutes, cant wait to give the widows a little growth spurt. Otherwise, I put my light at about 16 inches from the leaves and watered until i got some runoff. Probably going to have a little transplant shock, but some Big Bloom will help get rid of that.
  14. Looks like the girls survived the transplant! :hello: Just gave them a little water with 1/4 strength of Grow Big and a full dose of Big Bloom to help repair their roots. Hoping to see some good growth starting up soon. Got some pics of each one and a couple pics of my grow room. Any suggestions are helpful! On a side note.... fuck the LAKERS! Hope the Celtics destroy them. (even though I dont like the Celtics either ):smoking:

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  15. :wave::cool: you got the same nutes setup let me know what your schedule looks like
  16. Hey man, ive just been using the recommended schedule that FF sent along with the nutes. I just tweaked it a little, giving a 1/4 the strength of GB so i dont burn the shit out of them right off the bat. I gave a full strength dose of BB though because it is supposedly safe, i hope haha:smoke:
  17. :D its good to hear someone doing the exact same as me, i have 5 lowryder mystry crosses and ive been giving them 2 tbls BB and 1\4 str TB and so far they are doing alright. but my blue's im giving 1\2 tsp GB but i have some wierd leaf problems on a couple (bottom leaves turning yellow brown around edges). maybe a defficiency or nute burn idk.

    keep up the good work and let me know how the ff nutes are going:wave:
  18. Hah glad to be on the same page. But I did notice the cotyledons on one of my widows dying off and on another turning brown...hmm maybe the GB? Do you have a grow journal going?

    DAY 19

    Just checked. Didn't need any water yet because the soil was a little moist still, but I did lower the lights a tad. Don't want these beauties to get too leggy. They are starting in on their 5th nodes, so i'm excited to top those suckers once they get a bit bigger. Like I said, noticed the cotyledons were failing on a couple of the widows, is that normal? And there was a little brown around the edges on one of my leaves (reference the pics to see the problems areas). Any input is welcome and helpful :D

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  19. Stuck my finger into the dirt a couple inches and decided to give them a bit of water yesterday. Going out of town for a few days but when I get back on Wednesday I think it will be time to start topping. I want to eventually get a 4-way LST going. Everything looking good in the Desert Grow Room ^^
  20. looks great you have nothing to worry about so far that i can see!:hello:

    the 4 way LST method from LBH perhaps?
    that method is awsome i was also planning on giving it a try also :D

    have a good day peace

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