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  1. Whattup blades I was wondering if any of you go to the desert to ride motorcycles,quads,dunebuggys,etc. Or if any of you like track. I personally love sand dunes,glamis is my favorite, and I run a honda 400ex with a bunch of work done on it so basically a 500 and a honda cr 125. So any fellow duners/riders?
  2. I guess im the only one that goes out to the desert too lol. i have a long travel yamaha rhino and a 09crf450 but i go out to ocotillo wells more than the dunes. glamis is pretty cool though
  3. Ahh finally another rider. I'm actually looking into the district 38 races now for the quad division
  4. you should give it a try. i have a couple of buddies that have been doing it for years. i did a gp race that was put on by d38 6 months ago and it beat the hell out of me. i was so tired. you really need a lot of endurance to do 100 miles trying to go as fast as you can
  5. Sir I weigh 115 lbs and ride a bigass quad with independent nitrogen shocks I literally rode for 14 hours last weekend out at glamis after a fairly bad crash.
  6. riding at glamis is a lot more forgiving then riding out at superstition/plaster city where all the d38 races are. ive ran some of the sections after the race and its alot harder than you think. think waist high whoops for 10 miles strait. i can do 30 min motos at the mx track all day but desert racing is in a league of its own.
  7. Big things come in small packages
  8. lol okay bro.
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    And anyone that thinks sand is more forgiving is dead wrong. It MIGHT feel a little softer but it is much more technical and way easier to crash or flip. Not to mention the fact that if you do roll most dunes are about 500 feet tall so that's a nice long way to roll and have your bike roll on you. I saw about 8 people go out in ambulances over thanksgiving at least 3 of them dead. But why would you care you have a side by side so you're just a bitch

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  10. hahahaha! my rhino is for night riding after some beers. like a said i have a crf450. A motorcycle! quads are for girls or fat people. and sand isnt technical. ive been to gordons,buttercup n glamis. you land on the gas with your weight back when you jump so you dont go over the bars. Maybe if you rode a dirtbike you wouldnt have to worry about your pussy quad rolling down the hill.

  11. I have a bike and quads aren't for chicks or fat people. I do shit on my quad that would make you shit yourself. And if you really want to press the issue I could have you talk to the boys at the shop.

  12. 125s arnt fun in the dunes, their lacking power out there. no need to press the issue. i really dont care what your ride. but since you feel the need to prove yourself lets see some pics of you on your quad so i can shit myself. i have the tp ready.:D
  13. I'll work on getting them and some vids from my buddy. But I have to go to work now so it'll probably be tomorrw

  14. sounds good.
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    Alright here are some. Some are just going around bowls (I outran a buggy on it but my buddy didn't press the right button on the camera.

    This was first attempt at a 40 foot razor back buggy jump at night.

    And this is same jump fourth gear pinned at least 40 feet of distance and about 10+ feet of air. BTW these jumps were at night so it wasn't the best idea riding fucked up is dumb.
    Forgot the part idk if you can see it but on the second jump vid I waved at the camera
  16. Not too shabby. i know what you mean about riding at night fucked up lol. i rolled my rhino out at gordons into a witches eye at 12am. had some fun gettin that out.
    i dont have any vids at the desert but hes me at a track. im not the one wearing the helmet cam thats my buddy but he gets on the track right behind me. im in the red gear. Ignore me sitting down so much lol that was first ride out since i broke my ankle and it was still sore.
    Barona Oaks Mx 11/18/10 - YouTube

    pics are of a 80ft table n like a 60 foot triple...

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  17. Umm all those bikes are hondas... Unless you have a yami with red plastics. Does barona let quads ride their track?

  18. i know i have a crf450 like i said before. which is a honda.
    my rhino is the yamaha
  19. O shit yeah I just re read it. I was baked as fuck and thought you said yzf
  20. Wish i had dunes where i live. Been to glamis once in a side by side, wasnt too exciting. Would have preferred one of my bikes. Im hoping to make a trip from BC ride everything in SoCal.

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