The Democrats should turn left

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. The Democrats as we know suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent presidential election. This was further compounded by the fact that they lost to one of the most divisive people ever to stand for election - Donald Trump.

    They have been tarnished by electing to have Hillary Clinton as their candidate, if there's anybody more despised than Trump it's Hilldog.

    So how do they escape the political wilderness and return to power?

    IMO they need to make a hard left turn to re-establish themselves as a genuine alternative to the Republicans. As it stands the Dems and Reps are twiddle dumb and Tweedle Dee. There is next to no choice for the American voter,by offering a genuine alternative to the status quo they can offer something new which there seems to be an appetite for.

    We only have to look to the UK to see how this can be done. Jeremy Corbyn has shifted the Labor party to the left and the public have responded in their droves.

  2. You saw how the establishment and media treated Sanders here in the US.
    As he won states, Clinton's deligate count went up.
    Anyone not an establishment candidate just won't be allowed.
    Plus the democrats and Republicans will use the courts to assure that any executive orders with a hint of being unconstitutional are held up in the courts.
    The Democrat party will split and the Rs will resist everything in congress and they'll never get 50 votes on anything besides defense spending and corporate bailouts and sanctions on other countries populations.

    It'll be pretty much what you're seeing with Trump, but the opposite.

    Best thing that could happen is both parties split up.
    The Republicans, libertarians, democrats and progressives.. But the corporate donors won't be there for a 3rd or 4th party.
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  3. If the Dems want to return to power they should shift right. You may see no difference between the GOP and the Dems but there actually is plenty. If the Republicans pushed for legal cannabis and got rid of people like Sessions and ideas like his there wouldn't be 25 Democrat senators. You may think Americans like the left better because Hillary won the popular vote but that was only because she was running against a total blow hard like Trump.
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  4. If the Dems go any further right they'll be Republicans, as it stands there's next to no difference between the two parties.

    Shifting to the left however will give the American voters a choice in how they want their country run.
  5. The answer is simple. Become friendly with the Russians and have them rig the election. Who could lose, just promise them anything. There was nothing, Big Don couldn't fix, just ask him. Don ran on for better and cheaper healthcare for everyone. Does that bird still sing? Now Mr Big wants to yank what wealth is left to the working class and handing it to the rich. We already know competency is a non factor, so it is OK for Dems to be as incompetent as the Pubes.
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  6. I agree that it would be best to burn down the house and start again. The only way to do it properly would be to ban all donations to political parties. The state should fund them. We're going to pay for it anyway so it might as well be as fair, open and transparent as possible.

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if a party ran candidates on a platform of free healthcare, education, etc for all citizens of the US. I'm sure they'd draw support but it would be interesting to see how many votes.
  7. They just did that.
    His name was Bernie Sanders, and the Clintons and the media rigged the primaries and stole it from him.
    Thank god for wikileaks, or they would have gotten away with it...
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  8. I don't see a libertarian or socialist ever getting equal attention from the media as an establishment candidate.
    They are both very bad for business.
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  9. Yeah it seems to be a matter of just promising constituents stuff. A lot of people, even right wingers, supported Bernie until he backed Clinton, and Bernie promised a lot of shit. Trump also promised a lot of shit. People just like to feel good and hearing feel good words nowadays.

    Dems would probably benefit from taking on a younger Bernie-esque guy to make the nation feel good before election with promises of non-interventionist foreign policy, "fixing" healthcare, and jailing the other candidate once they won.
  10. Corbyn was written off and belittled at every opportunity by the MSM in the UK but after a successful election they realise they can't ignore him anymore. Labour didn't win power but they made serious inroads particularly amongst the under 30's.

    Bernie Sanders was fucked by the corrupt DNC, if he had ran against Trump he probably would have won. American politics is so fucked it's hard to take in tbh.
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  11. The best chance a libertarian has at getting elected into any office is to run on the Republican ticket. I think more libertarian minded voters should turn to the Republican party so we can change it from the inside. There's a lot of shit I don't like about the GOP but there are a few things I agree with them on. If only we could get some of the restrictions on gun rights taken away, that would be great. And by some, I mean all.
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  12. see thats where your "knowledge" of actual, real america wanes. There is no way that socialism would have been accepted by middle america. Not gonna happen, period. The results would have been the same, maybe even better for trump had bernie won, especially considering he and his wife are under FBI investigation for bank fraud.
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  13. kinda like trump did? run as a republican, even though he isn't really one? People forget so easily because now it says "R" next to his name in news reports, but he wasn't always a republican. The only reason he ran as one was because he knew he would get the exposure his campaign needed. Not to mention the repubs made him sign that letter saying he wouldn't go independent if he lost the nomination. Trump is probably the most moderate president we have had in a really long time, but you know, russia is thrown in everyones face and the left is so intertwined with that fucking narrative now they won't see or listen to anything else. Its sad really, because all the poeple like these jokers from across the pond who think they know everything about our political system so easily forget that trump is not a career politician, and was elected as THE OUTSIDER.
    But you know, his son met with a russian person for 20 minutes, so obviously they are all traitors and treasonous even though we aren't at war with russia.......yet.
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  14. It's funny how Trump ran as a Republican, and it's not unusual for candidates to attack each other but Trump took it to a completely different level. That was essentially the reason I choose to vote for him in the election. Primary wise, I voted Paul but knew it was more of a principled vote over anything else. Trump won me over when he completely trashed all of the Republicans on stage. He said what many of us were thinking. I saw Trump as a tornado and that was exactly what I wanted to send to Washington. I don't care if he doesn't get any signature bills or any of that shit passed, I just want Washington to get the message that we're tired of their shit.

    Also, when was the last time you saw a person running on the Republican ticket do this?
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  15. Yes by all means turn left as hard as you can.

    In Gallup's most recent analysis, 42 percent of Americans identify as independent, compared with 29 percent who say they are Democrats and 26 percent who say they are Republicans.Jan 11, 2016

    The 42% group would grow to be bigger than the DNC and the GOP together maybe by 2020 with a little more help from the foreigners. So start burning more liberal shit up over there and help the cause.
  16. If you look at the polling which is the best indication we have were a center left country. Most people support expanding coverage of insurance to the poor over cutting taxes. Around 58-60 percent of people want Medicare for all single payer system including 12 percent of republicans. Most people do not want to lower taxes on the wealthy or corporations. Most people don't want to cut SS, Medicare, or Medicaid and they all poll above a 65 percent approval rating. Are there issues that are more mixed yeah. Things like trade, immigration, and war probably are more mixed. But on a lot of economic issues the polling indicates the country definitely leans left. The issue is left leaning voters are often lazy and cynical and don't show up. GOP voters consistently have higher turnout, combined with shitty dem candidates, gerrymandering (both natural and artificial), voter supression, and the way the congress/senate is set up dems often lose even when they have the most votes.
  17. If you look at polling Hillary would be president.
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  18. You can't fix the system from the inside. You can't fix something that isn't broken. Their system isn't broken, it is working exactly the way they want it to. The state has no one's interest in mind but those in their gang. No other motive than to indoctrinate and brainwash the masses into believing they are even somewhat represented and part of the state when in reality we the people are a totally separate group/class than the parasites that take power and prey on us as tax slaves to furnish their parasitic lifestyles.
    It's no different really than old school feudalism other than people back then knew how badly they were being fucked by their sociopathic overlords and today our sociopaths are smarter and have invented some damn good propaganda.
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  19. oh yes more polls!!! yay!!!! you certainly love those flawed polls don't you?
    the way congress is set realize that the dems held the presidency, and the house and senate not too long ago right?

    See its always something though right? Gotta have something to cling to that attempts to support you and say that your team won. Like you want a participation trophy or something. Trump was elected for a reason. That reason is that REAL americans are fucking sick of the washington bullshit. Guess what, they still are sick of the washington bullshit. The senates inability to get anything going with regards to healthcare just further bolsters that feeling that there was a big change, but not big enough.
    Keep clinging to those polls though, its obviously worked very well for the dems so far.
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  20. Herpty derp. One national poll was off by 1.1 percent therefore all scientific polling should be disregarded cause the polls don't confirm my pre existing world view. /s
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