The Definitive "DOES SIZE MATTER" thread and everything related.

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  1. It's not the size, but how you use it.......... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..........To each his own........

    But don't you have to pass the qualifying rounds before you can become a contender? Beauty is subjective...doesn't that just mean that on a scale of 1-10, someone's 6 might actually be someone else's 8, but come on, no one's 2 is actually going to be someone else's 10. It doesn't work that way. You can't make the elephant man sexy no matter how hard you try.

    And how much better can you really use your dick? What do you mean it's how you use it. Your dick is not like a finger. It's got one motion, in and out. You can go faster or slower. Wtf are girls trying to say, that they like to take on 3 inch jackhammer? Or maybe girls have a higher regard for profficient
    dick slapping skills? I mean, how dynamic is a penis really? Are people with big dicks somehow less able to do things with their bigger dicks? So people with big dicks can't use them? Of course size matters.

    Does a person with a small dick really stand a chance, or are we coming up with excuses to make ourselves feel better; to cover up the idea that there may be true inequality we can never overcome? Are girls propagating this idea out of sheer pity? Like the way we tell fat chicks they are pretty? Why do we not talk about how much a big penis in a small tight vag hole is actually a pretty amazing idea. Don't you think what we're really trying to go for is some type of borderline masochism. Can we really succeed in substituing idealistic fantasies with some idea of equality? Is that how things really work? How can we criticize the breast implant. Isn't medical science is our only hope? Shouldn't that be one of it's most dire responsiblities. To free us from the prejudices put on us by nature. How can we not be sickened by the sheer hypocrisy of how an average person's tendency to prioritize this idea of a "personality" while beautiful people date other beautiful people. How fat date the fat and the ugly date the ugly. Have we moved anywhere? Can sex ultimately be replaced with intimacy? Should it?

    ...ya, this could've probably been framed in a less biased, naive, and pc sort of a way, but then this thread wouldn't attract the typical wave of
    wonderful 'oh what a bitter fat but tiny, 40 yr old virgin that I am' type of comments that typically tends to come along, distracting everyone
    from ever dissecting these issues. So have your best crack at it.
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    I've had about 11 sexual partners, my meat sword is 7 3/4ths inches long and pretty thick. Girls say it's the perfect size, some actually have down right said it was too big and hurt. To answer your question, size matters up too a certain point. 6 inches is perfectly fine. 7 inches is usually pretty good and 8 is getting too big. I mean a vagina is only 6 inches deep on average, and not many girls like getting there cervix bruised.

    There are plenty of different ways to work your dick, it's all about angles and spots you can hit.

    It's pretty funny how humans use science to advance there physical appearance more than there intellectual capacity.

    As for dating in your number range, yes. That is how it works, 5's date 4's or 6's ect ect.

    There is no such thing as equality, it's just a word.

    You can't tell me that me, being 6'3, good health, pretty good looking, 139 I.Q, very sociable, that I am equal too a rapist serial killer or a mentally handicapped person. It's just not how the world works, sorry if I sound blunt or somewhat of a douche. I'm really not full of myself, but on matters like this were trained to tip toe around it. I like to get to the point, no bullshitting here.

  3. Actually that's the point I'm trying to make. And to be more specific, by equality or inequality I just mean the general way people tend to imply (or pretend) that everyone has an equal shot at the top. It also acts as a question as to whether people can will ever overcome discrimination against physical appearance. So no, I don't think there is such a thing as equality as of now, but should, could, or would there be is the implied question.
  4. My gfs old bf had an 11 inch dong but never lasted more than 2 minutes.

    If you don't know how to use it, it doesn't matter how big or small
  5. She said that to make you feel better about yourself, trust me.
  6. I have nothing to worry about. Besides WTF do u no?
  7. Hahahaha this guy answered your question with about 4 compliments to himself so everyone could hear how great he is. Who actually does an IQ test these days haha.

    Don't worry about what you got or don't got be happy with what the Earth gave you.
  8. There wasn't until Samuel Colt came along.
  9. Maybe we should have... women comment on this instead of guys comparing dicks cuz thats pretty fuckin gay lol, and to defend people with little dicks there are sincerely women that like little dicks, idk why but its personal choices with bitches, some love huge 10 inch cock chocking them, and others like a smaller 4'' dick, up to there personal choice, but idk this is what i think from the google machine
    less than 4 tiny
    4-5 inches small
    5-5.5 below average
    5.5-6.5 average
    6.5-7 above average
    8-9 big bam, now compare yourself and fuckin see where you at
    9+ huge
  10. I gotta wonder why you know how big your GF's old boyfriend's dong was... :)

    Size does matter, but it's not the only thing that matters. And it can be a problem too. I've had a few girlfriends (or booty calls) who had to stay on top and couldn't have me go all the way in, and the sex wasn't enjoyable for me because they were so tight and it took a ton of lube just to get inside and only partially inside at that.

    I've also had girls who were size queens where they'd get off just from penetration, which was good because I'm not exactly the marathon man!

    For me, I am not the world's most skilled lover, so I'm happy that size matters because I was blessed in that department. But it really sucks for getting head. I've had only one girl who could actually take me all the way in her mouth, and a lot have had to do the harmonica style because I was too big for their mouths. That is lame.
  11. I want to broaden up this discussion topic a bit as I've realized I probably got to carried away with the penis thing. The intention is to cover a broad range of sexual deficiencies whether it be penis size, breasts to small, way too big, obesity, or just general unattractiveness. I wanted to explore whether or not there is any objectivity in sexuality/sexiness/attractiveness and how so much emphasis is put these things, obviously more so by media and popular culture.
  12. my dick is 6inchs when erected

    now are all these measurments when erected or just flopped?
  13. Size matters when pantsing goes down in the hallways .
  14. Alright you want an honest female opinion here it is! I've been with guys who had smaller dicks and guys with bigger dicks. Some of the best sex I've had is with "smaller dick" guys. Size is in NO WAY an indicator to how good of a lover you are! When it comes to the whole "how you use it thing" that's just about how you make the girl feel during the act. You could have a huge dick and still suck in bed if you don't pay attention to what feels good for her. There may only be one motion, in and out, but there is a huge difference in the way it feels even just changing the angle, pressure, speed, etc even just a little. Sex is about way more than just the size of a guys dick. I think that confidence really makes a difference in a lover. Be confident no matter how big it is! If you make her feel special and feel good then she'll appreciate whatever your packing!

  15. that's pretty harsh to think that these things are "deficiencies". i tend to think that it doesn't really matter what you look like, there is always going to be someone that finds you sexy as hell. so yeah, i think that someone's 2 could be someone else's 10. but i would agree that people typically date others that are in their league.
    and about the whole penis thing, holy shit, guys do not need to be that concerned about it. seriously. i do not want a 9 inch dick..or even a 7 inch dick poking the fuck out of my cervix. that is painful!! so id say 5-6 inches is perfectly fine.
  16. A man with an 8 inch penis that doesn't go down, will lose his girl to a man with a 4 inch penis who does.

  17. You measure from your asshole to a few inches past the tip of your dick
  18. truf, I've had similar experiences. Some chicks love havin their cervixes pulverized, others not so much. Some are like ZOMG look at that thing and others dont say anything at all. Some can take marathon sessions/multiple times in a night/day, others are done after a few minutes and don't want any more penetration cuz they're sore.

    And I like teasing the girls who can't deepthroat it, aw what's wrong can't take it all? :smoke: Then the few who have been able to it was I who was like ZOMG :hello:
  19. I had to take one, because I was expelled in 6th grade. Then let back in 9th.

  20. same haha and holy shit same score too:hello:

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