The definition of real

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  1. The Definition of Real

    What is reality?
    What is it that separates us
    From our fantasies?
    What is the mysterious
    Barrier that divides the mind
    And defines who we are?
    How do we know that we are not all blind
    And see, with the mind's eye, things that are
    Not really there? Is life a dream
    And death, waking from a long sleep?
    The answer is not as it seems
    And can not be found. In order to keep
    His sanity, one must not ponder
    These questions, for they will swallow
    The mind in a torrent of thought where it will flounder
    And drown leaving the body empty and hollow.

    Instead, one must remember the past,
    Live in the present, and not wonder
    which one of our days will be last.
  2. but wonder what we can do to fill the days between the present and our last.
    being mindfull of what we leave behind us after our last.

  3. I like that. It makes it more motivational/inspirational. Thanks :D

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