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  1. Fun times. Fun fucking times.

    Im gonna try and keep it short.

    A week ago: My parents hired incompetent renovators.

    A week later. Now: The ceiling which is over my head where I sleep is leaking...

    started to leak around 4:00 a.m. At that time I was playing bad company 2, and was not wet.
    That is the definition of fun times. Ceiling leaking on your head at 4 a.m YAI!!!
    The leak is in two spots on what appears to be only one pipe that is a problem.

    I must have said this over the course of the week a hundred times, "they are incompetent workers, and you are incompetent for hiring incompetent workers"

    No one paid any attention to me. As always no one listens to that one voice of logic common sense and reasoning. God forbid they'd listen to me. no no no cant have that.

    Now we got a leaking ceiling. And karma said that I deserve it, even if I didnt hire the incompetent workers.

    If the understanding of Karma that we have is right, then how come bad shit happens to good people?
  2. Because it's only a figment of our imagination
  3. You were calling people incompetent maybe that's why the karma hit you? lol But also on that karma's not as simple as 'good things happen to people who do good and bad things to people who do bad'. For example karma wise your aggravation and other negative feelings you're experiencing atm towards this situation is planting a seed and reinforcing this unpleasant reaction and in the future in a similiar situation you'll be likely to have a repeat of what you're feeling and that'd be a way negative karma could hit you. That's a lot of how karma works in general.

    Also if theres enough room to do so then push your bed or whatever you sleep on a bit out of the way from under the leak and put a bucket or something down to catch the drops til you can get it fixed? lol and if you can get to the pipes (assume you can since you mentioned knowing where the leaks are but i'm likely assuming wrong as i tend to do that) then put some putty or even like gum over the leaks in the meantime til it can be fixed.

  4. Probably don't listen to you cause you're a dick about it, and no one wants to hear from their son who lives in his parent's house and doesn't pay rent/ has never owned a home/ isn't paying for the home improvement/ doesn't have the funds for home improvement/ probably doesn't know anything about roof work or plumbing/ etc. that they are incompetent.

    Solution? Pay for the workers yourself or gtfo and move into your own place. Your parents are trying to improve your house and are paying for it. What have you contributed to the effort? Ever think that these "incompetent" workers are the best your parents could afford at the moment?

    Besides, what do you know about home improvement/ construction? Obviously not enough, otherwise you could do the work yourself. These guys probably aren't incompetent and know a lot more about roofing than you do.

    tl;dr cause you'll probably think I'm "incompetent" and don't want to read my post after the first sentence: get off your high horse and contribute to the effort or get out and get your own place
  5. to the first bolded part, well i did that right away! and to the second bold part,,I wish
    part of the perk of being an irresponsible incompetent house owner is you never have to worry about buying anything useful you may need in the house..we dont have duct tape either...

    like I said fun times, but good advice nonetheless
    thank you
  6. the most concerning part should be whether I am right or not, then you can talk about paying rent/ never owning a home.
    If my offspring said I am wrong in any situation, my first thought and response would be to see if there was any truth to their statement and not
    "ohh you dont own a house/ and dont pay rent" like some other people.
    It should be a privilege to give and support life not a right to fuck it up how you see fit.

    And some people should learn to follow their own advice before dishing it to others.
    "get off your high horse and contribute to the effort or get out"
    or is this more of that do as I say not as I do crap. lol

    are you a parent? I can tell
  7. Gum to though could easily work, just scrounge up like 50 cents or so for like a 5 stick pack of juicy fruit or something and use that : P or even like some candle wax could work. Not 100% sure if it'd work but you might even perhaps maybe be able to possibly just grab a plastic grocery bag or something and melt part of it and before its cooled and hardened but isnt too hot and put it on the leaky spots. You're probably just not thinking ghetto enough.
  8. the incompetent workers are back...
    to "fix" my ceiling now..they admit it was thier fault...
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    mur13 you sound like are one of those biased parents with views,, that a parent can never be in the wrong..its always the ungrateful kid..also you sound ignorant when you think you know what parents can or cant afford and whether or not I know anything about home improvement/construction...
    because I never said shit about that, and come here with your sad really sad

    edit- all i said that my incompetent parents hired incompetent workers, dont get butthurt its not you or your parents. and you are not fully aware of my situations to pass unfounded ignorant judgements online at the same time telling me to get off my high horse.
    lol where do you get off?
    you dont like me calling my parents incompetent with out regarding to whether I am right or not thats too bad
  10. Well that was quick ;o glad everythings working out now though. Just be more patient and forgiving with them and also if they are bad at what they do then keep your expectations really low (But dont feel negative along with that) so if things do fuck up again then it won't be as annoying. If you keep them low enough then even something as simple as things working the way they should will = a great and happy thing.

  11. No I'm not, I'm someone who respects their parents.

    You are just plain wrong. It is a privilege for YOU to be fully clothed, fed, and housed by your parents for FREE if you are past the age of 18 (which you should be if you post on this site). Your parents didn't check to see if there was any truth to what you were saying because they straight up don't give a fuck what you have to say. You know why they don't give a fuck? Cause you know NOTHING. You're young, I can tell, you think you have all the answers in the world, but you don't.

    Your parents are paying for the shit being done to your house, they don't have to give a fuck what you say about something you're not paying for, just like if the neighbor came over and said "man these guys you hired are incompetent" they'd tell him to get the fuck out cause it's not their money.

    My suggestion to you: Go live on your own, make your own money and handle your own finances. Then you'll see how it will piss you off when someone tells you how to spend your money or that you are "incompetent" fpr how you spent it.

    My 2nd suggestion to you: Suggestions and insight to your parents is okay, but do it in a respectful manner. The "you are incompetent for hiring these workers" part should be left out completely. Instead, "Parents, these workers you have hired haven't been doing the best job, there's a leak in my bedroom ceiling, you should have them check that out" is more acceptable. Your parents will probably be more inclined to respond to a suggestion than their kid who knows nothing about nothing calling them incompetent.
  12. yeah, I can kinda see where the bad Karma is coming from........
  13. this shits about a leak in the ceiling you guys need to chill out maaann

    cooommee ooonnnn
  14. I know that most people are raised in bullshit and think its ok to bullshit others...I dont
    I tell shit exactly how I see it, I dont sugar coat bs
    sorry thats how I am...
    me not knowing shit is not a fact, just cause you said it.
    what is it with people on this site mixing in feelings and facts together.

    I wise enough not to do that. Also wise enough not to talk shit like some other people on here who have no idea what they are talking about.
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    I like how you didnt say how I am wrong. just "you are just plain wrong"
    wow you must be a debate champion hahahahaha

    edit- and you are right my parents didnt give a fuck about what I said, now they got a good ceiling leak, I guess karma is not that complicated

    see thats how I am different I would check to see if they( my kids saying I am an idiot, whenever they observe what they persieve as an idiotic action) are wrong or not thats just me

  16. Then tell me, man, what the fuck do you know? Quit dancing around it and tell me.

    I am not mixing fact and opinion. What I said is all opinion. It is just opinion based off what you have said. You come off as a young kid who has never had to support himself, that thinks they know EVERYTHING, and spouts off at the mouth and disrespects anything that he doesn't agree with. So prove me wrong.

    I sense all of this because not only do you make it obvious...I used yo be just like you. Then I had a reality check, I went off and did my own thing and had to support myself. I had BILLS to pay. I had to make sacrifices to get what I needed and not what I wanted. I realized I don't know shit about nothing, and that's a fact. It's a humbling experience, but a glorious one. You'll learn one day.
  17. why dont you just learn how to fix it your self?
    your parents would be paying YOU to fix the shit, and you wouldnt have a karma problem.

    and this thread wouldnt suck also.
  18. without checking whether or not its true...then in my opinion that constitutes incompetence, I am not telling you to agree with me, I dont care if you agree with me or not, thats just my view...its not my problem if you dont like my opinion I really dont give a shit.
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    lol even if I knew how to fix it, they wouldnt let me, I know how to do a lot of shit around the house, spent about 4-5 hours each day/5 days a week for about 6 months with a carpenter and a handyman, both work for the second biggest construction company in Canada

    edit- so ya I know a thing or two around the house.
  20. I know how to do anything related to carpentry and handyman work, plumbing is not my thing. And when did I say I know everything. All i said that they hired shit workers and it turned out to be a fact, and it is you started disrespecting because I said something that you strongly disagreed with, even though you dont know my situation and you dont know my parents but you think you do, so in conclusion its you who acts like you know everything and not me.

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