the deer conspiracy story

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  1. So I for one think this is the most bad ass story anyone has ever told me. My first year of college this kid on my floor told it to me and I was very impressed. I will tell it like he told me, this didn't happen to me but it is 100 percent true.

    You must know I live in PA which has a big outdoor/hunting scene going in for us. The kid this happened to was at a hunting cabin in northern PA.

    So this kid and a bunch of kids from his baseball team head up to one of the kid's uncle's hunting cabin to drink and party. The cabin sits on a HUGE plot of land that is completely fenced in because sometimes his uncle has people pay to hunt certain animals that he releases.

    So it was late and these 2 kids get the idea to have a race around the whole yard since they both owned Jeeps. The deal was the start off in opposite directions around the fence, then slow down when they pass each other, than take off to get back first. They start racing around the camp, and they pass each other half way.

    One of the Jeeps gets back and the other never shows... so they go out looking and it turns out the kids in the other Jeep hit a tree doing like 30-40 and are pretty messed up. Nothing broken but definitely a nasty concussion and the kid's Jeep is beyond totaled.

    They have to come up with a cover up so they don't get in trouble. They decide to say they were driving and hit a deer. The only problem is they need a deer now.. so they head out in a truck with a spot light and riffle and literally right down the road in the neighbors yard is a deer!

    They shoot the deer and load it up into the truck, but on the way back to the cabin it springs up and starts to move. As these kids are pulling up back at the cabin everyone sees this kid in the back with the deer in a choke hold, covered in blood! finally they kill the deer and smash it against the Jeep so it looks like blood everywhere.

    Now they need to get rid of the body (because they said they hit a deer and then it ran away into the woods), so after they harvest some meat from it they build a huge fire and spend the whole night burning the body! The next day they went home and presented the evidence and story to their parents/ insurance company and everyone believed it!!!!! The kid who fucked his Jeep up got a check for the car and no one found out.

    They even won their play off game a couple days later!

    I thought it was a crazy story what did you guys think?! committed insurance fraud, pooching, hunting with a spot light, drunk driving, underage drinking and no one found out.

    Gotta love us Redneck folk!
  2. Sound like real cool kids. I wish I had friends that cool in high school. Poachers are the scum of the hunting community. Karma will come to bight them In the ass.
  3. realistically they probably are really nice people. The kid I know is. And we all make mistakes, I'm sure they never poach (poock? idk i do math not spelling).

    I never hunt, just fish and catch and release.
  4. Cool story

    But, I don't think an deers life was worth less than a car
  5. That was such a cool story, bro.

    For truly.
  6. the dear was probably an asshole
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    I feel sad for the deer yo what if the niga was just waiting for his nug to come through and that kid shot his ass
  8. You guys killed some deers mother

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  9. dude! great story

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