the deepest truth

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  1. the deepest truth is that we and everything are all can realize this even by thinking about how your brain works...everything you know and experience is a result of sensory input coming through your senses and being processed in your brain...therefore there has to be a connection between everything you are experiencing through your senses (the outside world) and if you go deep enough you can realize that all their really is is then if your left with all their is comes out of the self...however since you did not create yourself and you do not know how this came to be..your left with all their is is "god" is "god" experiencing himself in a limitless fashion to infinity...everything is "god" and all is one
  2. I think I see what you mean.
  3. sometimes my writing can be vague becuz i dont really reread what i write it just kinda flows but maybe u can get the essence of what im tryna portray
  4. I get the flowing thing - you should see some of the spelling/grammar mistakes in my originals!

    This has always been a bit of a dilemma for me - to keep it original, flow it out, post it, move on, or make sure that what I'm attempting to say can be understood easily. Obviously I can and do pop back and correct things, and even when I think I've said it just right, I can still find stupid errors and shit I didn't see later.

    There's something about keeping it original, with all the unedited spirit intact, but I'm not very good at keeping it that way, and on the whole, it makes me better in the long run.
  5. whatever feels right
  6. Truths are empirical. So prove this truth.

    If you can't, perhaps it's not a truth...just a very good idea.

    Just something to think about.
  7. truths are paradoxical
  8. an idea to you a truth for me
  9. When you were young did you ever think that the people around you didnt really exist or actually werent human at all?
  10. probly...did u?
  11. I see more and more people trying to find a blend between monotheism and eastern philosophical religions. I think eventually a new religion will form. Like all the rest, it will be very flawed, but it will be progressive and an improvement, at least on the monotheistic half.
  12. More religion. Really? I do hope not. It seems way past time for something else.
  13. yea religion is a terrible word...people need to get past the "heard mentality" yourself -and find your own truth...truth can only be self-evident and "god" can only be found within
  14. This is a reality I can live with. If people look for and keep their god within, not pushing their own views, laws, etc.. on the rest of humanity then the numbers of people who die due to differing faiths, and the number of freedoms being taken or not given because of faiths will gradually diminish and the world will become a better place.
  15. right....however death is an illusion...does an ice cube die when it melts into water?
  16. Water isn't living, how does that compare to humans surviving death?
  17. so 75% of ur body isnt living? damn that sux bro maybe u should get that checked out
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    Exactly. Yes water isn't a living thing by definition of life. Water is needed for life but it isn't a living entity. This is very elementary knowledge here man.
  19. elemental to the layman

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