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The death of the detox industry as we say goodbye to dilution

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by urinecredable, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Remember, good Blades of GrassCity, you heard it here first. The US Government worked hard to take down Puck Industries when it was discovered that the Whizzinator was being used to defeat drug tests. And they did. And then when all of those knock offs, the Urinator, Pissinator, Screeny-Weeny, etc, came on the scene, SAMHSA simply installed a new step in its supervised testing protocol, (which can be implemented for mere suspicion by the tester) to have the employee lift his or her shirt, blouse or dress/skirt, as appropriate, above the navel and lower clothing and underpants to show the Observer- by turning around- that the employee does not have a prosthetic device.and before handing them a cup.
    With this new protocol and better training in the detection of these prosthetics, we began to see a sharp rise in reports of people being caught with them.
    I know what you're thinking, "This is old news. And what does this have to do with everyone's favorite way to beat a drug test, dilution?" Well, just sit back and relax. Urinecredable is about to give you a little inside information that is going to cripple the detox industry, eliminate the way hundreds of thousands of people worldwide pass their tests and end the careers of many, many Stoners.
    How? Easy. The US Government has finally found a way to stop people from beating the initial drug screen with The Dilution Method! They are doing this by introducing a new test cup that tests for PH, Creatinine levels and Specific Gravity RIGHT IN THE CUP (below you will find pictures of this new cup). For those of you that have been in the weed industry for years and therefore battled the testing industry for a long time, you know the implications of this new cup.
    The loss of The Dilution Method as a means to defeat drug testing could easily be the worst thing that has ever happened to the weed industry as a whole. I mean, we may smoke pot, but we still have to have a job, right? Am I blowing this out of proportion? I don't think so. But let me back up for a second and I'll explain why...
    So we can no longer use dilution. No big deal, right? WRONG! You see, for the past, I don't know, longer than I can remember, dilution has been the number 2 way for millions to pass a drug test. Right behind plain old being clean.
    But wait, this new cup will not only affect the individuals that use it. It will eliminate probably 98% of the detox products on the market today. Why? Because it is not these magic potions that helped you pass, but the copious amounts of water you consume per instructions.
    I will not point any out directly but let's take a look a popular urban legend that has thousands and thousands of people that swear by it.
    The Certo Method. Each and every Certo Method you will find has 3 things in common. 1. Fruit Pectin (Certo), 2. Vitamin B-12 (to color your urine) and 3. Large amounts of water. Anywhere from 2 gallons to 64 ozs (2-32 oz Gatorade). This concoction is supposed to "coat the walls of your stomach, kidneys or bladder, (depending on which method you're willing to try) thus preventing THC from being released into your urine".
    This very statement shows a complete lack of knowledge as to how the human works AND ignores the fact that you just dilute your urine sample.
    For those of you that I have lost along the way, allow me to explain how this was possible. You see, to beat an initial drug SCREEN, which is what a "stick test" or immunoassay test is called, all that you had to do was hand the lab tech something that was the right temp and looked kinda like urine. As long as the temp strip on the outside of the cup was in range and you had negative results on your panel...YOU PASSED.
    And your sample never saw the inside of the lab, with very few exceptions. Which is where the actual drug TEST was performed. The drug test by the lab is only used to confirm positive results of the drug screen. So drink enough water till your peeing water, then turn that water yellow with vitamin B-12 and hey, you just passed.
    But come June, my friends, that will all change. All of those drinks and pills and methods with magic potions will go the way of the dinosaurs.
    That's right, this June the new cups are set to hit to the market in every state. How do I know all of this? I just happen to work at one of 3 labs that are running Clinicals on these new cups. So far they have performed exactly as stated.
    To all of you Blades that stuck with me to the end, Thank you. I know this was long, but it was a subject that I think required it.
    But now what do we do? Stoners all over the world will be looking for answers. I'm not sure about them, but if any of the Blades here on GrassCity are in need of drug test help, just stop by my thread here. I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve.
    Bye, for now and remember...:gc_rocks: Say hello to Mr. Nasty Cup...[​IMG]
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  2. Please rewrite with paragraphs TL;DR.

    Walls of texts tend to be manifestos or other rants.
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  3. What he said..... unreadable to start with like that
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  4. Still too many words. Meh.
  5. I guess it was just a matter of time.

    Glad I have my mmj card!

  6. Walls of text
    Nobody will read
    Puff of air
    No content
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  7. I agree with the above posters, use paragraphs. It was an interesting post though.

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  8. Sorry to all that had a problem reading my post. Hopefully you will find this rendition useful.
    Please note this is a VERY important issue.
    One that is set to change the detox industry as we know it.
    I think everyone, especially the older members, should take time to read and understand the content.
    This is one of those rare occasions on GrassCity when you need to put the bong down and focus.
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  9. #9 wafdof, Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    The US Government has been testing for adulterants, ph levels, creatine and specific gravity for years. DOT agency tests (FAA) are as strict as they come and near impossible to beat. The DOT does not give employees a second chance if caught subbing or diluting so most will never even test it. I worked for them for 25 years and never even entertained smoking while working.

    In addition to that no testing facility makes you raise your shirt to your armpits unless you are under SUPERVISED testing as its a violation of your rights. Lawyers would have a field day with that.

    So much of the original post is filled with false information it's not even funny. I worked for the FAA until 10 months ago. I was a union representative and I was specifically trained by the testing company and regional managers from Dallas on specifics of drug testing. The change occurred about 2 years ago and NOTHING has changed since then I just checked with someone that still works for them. Note that failing a test will usually result in a second chance but being caught subbing or diluting proves you are untrustworthy and result in termination. I had a top secret security clearance. Technically I still do for 8 more years.

    To make it clear you are mixing apples and oranges. I'm giving the perspective from a former government employee. The average joe is NOT going to be tested this way at least right away. It's up to the testing facility to test samples depending on what the company that ordered the tests require. Screaming the sky is falling won't make it happen quicker if at all. Most places that use testing places like quest do not really want to know. If it costs a couple of dollars more to test huge companies like McDonald's and Walmart will NOT opt for it. They already know a huge part of their workforce smoke and the costs multiplied by thousands a month is not what companies like that do. Plus like I said already they really don't want to know.

    Someone asks me to raise my shirt to my armpits will be replied to with a "go fuck yourself". I'm not a criminal and I have rights. If you are on parole or a government employee with a prior then in order to keep your job that might be required.

    Anyone that dreams that they can buy fake piss and always get away with it is dreaming. Those drug test companies buy the very same products and tests to see what is in them to defeat them......That's a fact jack.
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  10. I knew when I posted this that there would be one or two "experts" that would come forward to try and debunk my post. And I welcome them with open arms. I am glad that you corrected me on the testing protocol I mentioned. And I have since amended it. But the rest of my post is irrefutable,. rather that filled with misinformation. Despite your security clearance, Watdof, you have never seen the Government test for Creatine in your life. The test is for Creatinine, which is a breakdown phosphate found in urine.
    AND you have NEVER seen a drug test cup used by the Government or private industry that tested for PH, Creatinine and Specific Gravity. NEVER.
    So noone is screaming the "sky is falling". What I'm doing is forewarning those that care to listen. If you think this upcoming change will not affect every aspect of the detox industry, you need to call your "someone that still works for them" and ask for more training.
    While your at it you should brush up on your economics also. To even suggest that companies like WalMart and McDonalds would rather turn a blind eye to drug use at work then spend a few more bucks on a new test cup that would weed them out, is ridiculous.
    Allow me to enlighten you...drug using employees are: 2.5 times more likely to have absences of 8 days or more,3 times more likely to be late to work, 3.6 times more likely to have a workplace accident and 5 times more likely to file a workers comp claim. These stats were provided by The Dept of labor.
    Shit, WalMart would save millions on comp claims alone!
    As far as labs being able to tell synthetic from real human piss, NOT A CHANCE. How many precursors do you think there are in human urine? In other words, when we test urine, how many things can be seen in a urine sample to determine if it is real? 31 total. IF there was a need or desire to do so. (which there never is) Now, how many do you think a company like Spectrum Labs has in their patented formula for synthetic urine? Exactly...There are only so many thingys to test for. You'd be better off taking off the lid and sniffing it to see if it smells like pee.
    I am done here. I thank you for correcting my misinformation on the supervised testing, I hope you can do give me the same for your entire post. Either way, I will not argue this point with you. To lose dilution as a means to pass will cripple the industry. Thee is no denying that. I produced a picture of the cup to prove its coming. What everyone does with it is up to them. Peace.
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  11. You are no expert that's for sure and those cups don't mean a damn thing. It's a test and there will be no norm as different facilities will continue to use whatever method they want and whatever vendor they want. I'll contend that most workplaces don't want to know about marijuana usage unless it's safety related and test only for liability reasons like my wife's work.

    I knew you were full of shit the moment you posted that people would have to raise their shirt to their armpits in your new tests. I'll let the reader decide who to believe.
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  12. Whoa, easy there, um, Wafdof, was it? Why all the hostility? This is a forum for Stoners. A community of laid back, relaxed individuals coming together to share stories, give advice and cHHiiLLL. I didn't post this to get into a pissing match with you. Nor am I concerned with getting "likes" from the community. Which seems to be of utmost importance to you by your "let the readers decide" comment. I have been coming to GrassCity for a long time, spending hours upon hours helping others pass drug tests. All without the need of "likes" or any other form of pats on the back.
    I acknowledged the mistake I made on my previous post, edited it and even thanked you for pointing it out. The least you could have done was be as much a man as I and admit that your understanding of the implications of this new cup was flawed, at best.
    Your beginning argument of "that damn cup don't mean blah, blah.." says a lot about your understanding of the testing industry. And of course it will be the norm. Do you honestly believe that there isn't already? ALL immunoassay drug screen cups operate the EXACT same way. There are no "different: cups". And any lab not using these cup when they come out, will be out of business. Finally, your contention that employer's WANT to turn a blind eye to drug use at wotk is just nonsense. First off, private industry has no government regulations when it comes to drug testing. Why turn a blind eye? Why not just stop testing? I showed you why in my last post. The muti-billion lost each year on production alone is staggering. After seeing the numbers yesterday I don't see how you could stand by your " blind eye" theory.
    Ultimately it does not matter what you or anyone else says or believes, this cup will be in every lab In the US by the end of 2016. And those little cups "that don't mean nothing" will lead to hundreds of thousands of failed tests, because guys like you can't see past their ego long enough to help spread the word. Instead you'd rather selfishly beat your chest, while shouting LOOK AT ME. I'M RIGHT! If you would climb down from your high horse for a minute and look at this logically, you'd see that if I'm wrong, you're the only one that will care. LOL. But if I'm right, your trying to deprive hundreds, maybe thousands, of a head start on trying to find an alternative method to pass drug tests. I think it's time for you to set aside your image of self-importance and admit you are WAY off base on this issue. One in which you know very little about.
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  13. First you said raise the shirt to your armpits then you say you won't reply. What can anyone believe from you? I know I wouldn't trust you. Dilution defeat is coming yay, not a secret and not a big deal. For most jobs that really care dilution has been gone for years.

    I have not read your worthless posts the from start to end because they are rants from a person in need of his meds and his baby blankie.

    Ramble on my man you have the floor you are flat out wrong about most of what you say and right about very little. Good for you you win a bronze star today for coming in third in a two person conversation. Get used to it. I will be a man of my words and not revisit because your rants are unbearable.
  14. Well then....

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  15. The exact response I would expect from a man faced with FACTS. If I were you, I wouldn't read my posts either. I could tell you were in over your head on a subject you nothing about.
    Dilution dead? Guess the hundreds of thousands of people that still rely on it didn't get your memo.
    In the end, I've had a lot of fun with you. But I'm glad it's over. You've wasted enough of my time.
    Hear that? It's the bell ringing. That means school is over. Your DISMISSED.
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  16. Its gonna be legal within a couple years, not worried about it.
  17. Recreational use of weed being legai will not change testing one bit. Look at Colorado and Washington.
    We must get to the voting booths to see real change.
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  18. This is a booming industry on both sides. It's like terrorism... it's perfect! It's the perfect war because it never ends and the profits never stop! NO ONE wants a 100% full proof method, not that one could ever possibly exist without eventual countermeasures. This is a delicate dance that's been going on for a long time now.

    Not to mention that if this was legit and DID work and DID go mainstream the industry would find itself with literally millions of workers seeking other work elsewhere ESPECIALLY low income jobs! Low income jobs easily have the most stoner demographic HANDS DOWN! This would be a god damn disaster on all fronts!
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  19. Thank you! Finally someone who understands the industry and what this cup could do it! Bravo!!
  20. Indeed, but because of how effective this is i honestly don't know if CEO's at Wallyworld are going to be quick to adopt it. Sure it saves them from accidents and bs like that but having been an employee at walmart(where dreams go to violently kill themselves) i can tell you they give zero fucks about call ins, they just pile it on the next guy and if it don't get done... the next sorry SOB that walks in, in the am will have one SHITTY day i promise you!

    So that's out the window. Accidents? They are insured out the ass, it's ridiculous how damn dangerous a back room is at your local wallyworld folks, TRUST ME, i'm talking leaking roofs near the bailer to leaking cooling systems in the dairy cooler all with what? Say it with me now "zero fucks given"

    Now, i can tell you one thing they do care about. NUMBERS, walmart constantly boasts about how many people it employs but that shit is like a revolving door! I quit 3 months ago and went in to shop today... knew roughly 30% of the faces and while i was there it seemed like the herd came and went so fast you barely got to know names!

    So in closing... what threatens numbers? People who suddenly don't want to work for you anymore. I think this thing going mainstream is highly unlikely based on the little bit of math i did here in 10 minutes... didn't even finish a full vape... hold up. Okay finished it.
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