The Death Of Cars

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  1. That's companies should be forced to liquidate all of the cars..
    But again then no one will buy new cars and factories would shut down thousands of people loose jobs really is a bad situation.
  2. Interesting. We may well be moving into an era where not so many people buy cars. I know owning a car in my area really sucks and I don't need a car here, so I'll probably never own another one.
  3. I've bought a new car recently so I feel helpful lol
  4. This reminds me of farmers who destroy abundant crops to keep prices high. 
  5. recycling. tear it down and recycle the parts for next years model.
  6. Cars also last much longer than they did just decades ago, for example my car now has over 110k miles now and is tight as new!
  7. This is true. Pre 80's American cars never seemed to pass 100k miles without a major issue happening, now even American cars can keep up with the Japs.
  8. many Amrican cars up until the late 80's only had 5 digit odometers... pretty enthusiastic werent they?
  9. Yeah I am sure they thought they had a great automobile at the time lol xD
    not true.
  11. If cars lasted forever, the industry wouldn't be able to sell enough of them. That same line of reasoning is why hemp-cars don't exist (for various reasons), even though they easily could. If a car maker can get someone to re-buy every 100k miles, that's way better (for them) than having to wait until a 6-digit odometer rolls over... or until a car finally has too many problems in the 300k+ range. If they can get you to buy 3x as many cars in the same amount of time, great! (but not great for the ecosystem)
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    Maybe for you, but in my experience it IS true.
    Cars these days need very little maintenance for the first 100,000 miles compared to earlier cars (cars built from the 20's thru the 60's) which needed front end parts starting at 15,000 miles or so.
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    i broke 220,000 miles on my 1995 3/5 Metro a couple weeks ago. the repairs ive made on it since i got it are crank seal and oil pan gasket. it was losing a quart of oil a day. also basic tune up(plugs,wires, etc.) it currently gets 42 tank miles per gallon. i run out of fuel at 420 miles. fucking awesome. the a/c works although there is a leak.
    my '97 Oldsmobile 88 is a fucking tank. i average 26 tank mpg in that. fuel gauge doesnt work but i ran the tank dry once. ive had a new radiator and new a/c compressor put on and basic tune up also. the only thing my Olds needs are motor mounts.
    i also run Lucas Oil stabilizer in lieu of a quart of oil. and do a Lucas fuel system treatment every other oil change or so. ive always had good things with Lucas products. i love my old cars.
  14. My 1991 Accord EXR is still being driven to this day. I saw the old lady I sold it to, it has like 550,00 kms. My 2000 protege5 had 350,000kms when my bro got rid of it. My 97 S10 had 400,000 before I stole the bed and the wheels. It's really about how well you keep your vehicle maintained. Theres an older guy, Al, who has had his Tacoma since new, now has 946,000 kms, with slight body work done recently.This is also in Canada/Ontario winter where there is so much salt on the road it turns white.  
  15. '84 318i:
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    My old Crx had 220k on the chassis and 180k before I took out the single cam and swapped in a dual cam. Also hopefully electric/hybrid cars fail... I hate those pieces of shit and the people that drive them... Always making it worse for use who are car enthusiasts....
    Bitches like these need to be punched.

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    Wow, that's pretty crazy.
    And somehow it's better to waste physical resources, labor, energy and space for factories, and now large amounts of land to store unsold vehicles rather than to decrease production and/or decrease prices? Insanity.
    Edit: A great example of central planning gone wrong?

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