The Death of a Continent-- in pictures!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 14, 2010.

  1. Blades,

    I just popped some more popcorn and am continuing to watch Europe's slow-motion death. Seppiku! or Murder Most Foul! ?? SE reports. You decide.


    and this


    RIP Europe.
  2. Monitoring the value of the Euro as I type this. ;)

    Anyone want to go in together on a small country?
  3. I keep telling my friends the world is slowly falling to shit, and when the US and Europe are fucked, the import/export income of so many countries on the other continents, will diminish, and the worlds going into some fucking Global Depression or some shit
  4. I'm feeling extra conspiracy-theory oriented today.

    The EU and the Pound are clearly plunging towards parity with the dollar, which is being aided by the FED offering unlimited exchange lines of credit to european central banks.

    So... if the Euroe, the Pound and the Dollar all reach 1:1:1 parity, which remains locked in place by the various central banks extending unlimited lines of exchange credit to each other...

    Isnt' that the same as having a One World Currency? And realisticly, if the 3 are all at the same value, why not switch to a One World Currency?

  5. This was the big problem with Greece. The fact that Europe shared a currency and 1 country completely tanked, bringing the value down. Then on top of that, the huge "donation" to Greece from Germany was the killing blow.
  6. I never thought i'd agree with you Elliot, but I pondered this aswell about a week ago while I was eating a burrito & watching at how all of the major currency's (USD, EUR, GBP) were all more or less becoming equal.

    Now what could possibly be the reason for that? :D
  7. The worlds turning to shit. But maybe I agree with you on this one Elliot. 1:1:1. Make travelling easier...
  8. nah its not turning to shit.

    its just fallin back into balance
  9. This will only lead to more power in the hands of even fewer people.

    They will most certainly use this crisis to further the plans for the NWO.

    A measure of wheat for a penny, a days wages for a loaf of bread.


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