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THe deal with Niacin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Muhgil15, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I know a bunch of people who say when you ened to pass a drug test you can use naicin and i have seen it work with a kid who was in rehab but how many do you have to take for you to be clear? thanks

  2. i used to take like 15 pills over a 2 day period and never once had it show up win i had to drop idk i think it depends on your wieght and shit
  3. o ya forgot to say i took these 250mg pills they were kind of big but dotn take to much niacin cus i was talking to this kid and he said once he took to much and he ended up in the hospital
  4. OK this is what I did to pass my test in 1.5 weeks.

    First I went to CVS and bought a bottle of 100mg pills of Niacin that are little while pills. You want the kind that is not extended release. Take 500mg( 5 pills) in the morning when you eat. Then take 500mg again at night when you eat. For 30-60 minutes after you take the pills, you will get red and hot as hell, and yes it sucks but its worth it. Follow that and drink a lot of water and you should be fine.

    If for some reason you cant get the non-extended release version, you could crush it up and then take it.
  5. I've heard of people taking 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg a night and just doing that all the time while smoking an eighth a week and having a drug test once a week.

    As for me... mine are weekly/random. The first one I took caught be off guard and I failed it at over 8 times the limit. Then the next week I got booked for dilution and the third week I was clean. Within this entire time period I smoked maybe an eighth or so. I haven't been taking niacin religiously because it burns so bad and I hate it.

    I've read two medical articles on niacin and one says it works and one says it doesn't... it's a hard thing to say. Ultimately though, if a negative result can be devastating, don't rely on niacin.

    Usually with niacin you should be able to get clean in 3-5 days unless you're a REALLY heavy smoker... then I'd say about 7-10 days MAX.
  6. I consider myself a heavy smoker (Daily)

    I used Niacin to try to pass a drug test... it did NOT work.

    i took 2 500mg pills daily for 2 weeks. (1 at night, 1 in the morning)

    The first time i took them, i thought WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? i turned REALLY red, and thought i was about to throw up and faint.. and have my head explode. Well.. you DO get used to it after the 3rd of 4th day.

    anyway... i didnt smoke, drank more then a gallon of water a day... and FAILED MY DRUG TEST.

    From what i have PERSONALLY done, and friends experiences, i dont know ANYONE who actually passed on Niacin.

    I weigh about 215-220, i am 6'4 ish... that MIGHT be MY problem, but my other friends are shorter (average) and smoke daily to once a week.

    I wouldnt depend on Niacin to be 100% fool proof.
  7. Diamond Rasta - That's because you're a big guy AND a daily smoker. This combination can make you test positive months after you've quit because SO much THC traces are stored in layer over layer of fat and every time you metabolize fat it'll come up on your test like you just smoked...
  8. ^^ dammit. i knew it.

    God doesnt want me to smoke his fine herb. He made me all extra big and shit... so he can punish me.

    Oh well, at least any big guys know not to use niacin to try to pass a DT
  9. I'm with you on this. i am 6'5" tall and I am about 230lbs. I took niacin one time to try it out. I will never do it again I had the same happen to me. I got red hot, felt like I was having a heart attack, and threw up in my car going down the road. I did not even have enough time time to pull over. I blew chunks all in my Jeep, its cool though B/C I did not have carpet and it washed right out. N E way this might work but I just did not like it. I guess research is the way. Oh yeah and being all big and shit does suck sometimes. JOE>
  10. ^^ damn Joe.

    what size shoe you wear? i gotta wear 16's
  11. You are not going to believe this but I wear a fucking 12, I know you don't believe that but I will send pics man my feet are not too big and I love it. I thought when I was younger growing up so fast that my feet were going to be huge and ugly, but they did not groww anymore I just got taller, and that helped alot w/ sports and track and shit b/c the feet were not all in the way.. :D JOE>

    P.S. 16's r out of control son!
  12. I dont really like to think i have big ugly feet, i keep em clean! lol i dont ever trip on them!?

    I played basketball and football in HS, i always had bigger feet then everyone, even the taller guys
  13. I agree dude your feet r big and I was not calling yours big and ugly bro just feet in general r not the most attractive thing to me you know. No offense meant to anyone, just sayin. Sorry if I came off that way JOE>
  14. lol no no no trust me, i get that my feet are ugly all the time... from my girlfriend. lol

    I know what you were sayin man, i was just lettin everyone else know that my feet are BIG, and i try to keep em lookin nice. (in the summer time, you cant find me wearing shoes... ONLY sandals/flip flops)
  15. Kewl I just did not want you to think I was a Dick head. Right on! JOE>
  16. Just use azo standard: it's easier, and cheaper and works 100% only need 1-2 days of time in advanced.
  17. Russian Roulett - Where can you get Azo Standard? GNC?

    Oh wait... I just remember what that actually is. It's for female urinary tract infections to relieve the pain and whatnot.

    I was seriously thinking about it... but pissing brown and red would just freak me out so much that I think I'm just gonna chill for now.
  18. holy shit I'm so glad I got a job already so I can stop worrying about taking niacin or drinking gallons of water for "possible" drug screens.
  19. The different colour piss goes away after 7-8 pisses. Then your clean..

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