The Deadliest catch

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, May 8, 2006.

  1. i was watching this show last night high.... and boy was it entertaining.

    its crazy how dangerous their job is... it feels like something could go wrong any second
  2. Yeah, i love that show.

    I swear if i wasn't married and have a son, i would go sign up to be a green horne.
  3. lol man i would be scared as hell doing that job
  4. woot pops is back in action.
  5. Yeh that show is crazy. Those crabs are huge, I bet those guys make the crabs fight somehow. I know I would.
  6. that show is definently bomb! its just an overall good show, high or not
  7. That's crazy that someone dying is just an everyday thing for them.
  8. one of my friends started out as a greenhorn on the Northwestern
  9. That show is crazy! They make BANK with that job. We should get a bunch of people from grasscity and all have our own ship up there, make alot of money and then buy a shit load of weed and have a huge party and smoke it all!
  10. they work only like 6 months out the year and make 60k or so right?
  11. It would probably look like a steam boat with all the pot being smoked

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