The Dead Part II

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  1. Since 1998

    38,000 people have been killed per month in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Bringing the current total of dead to around:


    (If you closed your eyes and touched their beautiful warm faces you might just have a little pity for these displaced children with an uncertain future.)

    This is the highest number of people killed in a war since WWII. I know most us will never set foot in the Congo but since everything's connected the reverberations will. The war has largely went uncovered by the media and you can draw your own conclusions as to why this is, just try to remember that murder is like a contagious disease, that when left untreated affects the overall health of the body. If we turn our backs on these precious children we turn our backs on our own.


    "The great crimes of the twentieth century
    were committed not by money-grubbing
    capitalists but by dedicated idealists. Lenin,
    Stalin, and Hitler were contemptuous of
    money. The passage from the nineteenth
    to the twentieth century has been a passage
    from considerations of money to considerations
    of power. How naive the cliche that
    money is the root of evil!"

    ~Eric Hoffer~

    Stay green!

  2. It's even more painful to understand the reasons those people have died and the rest live in poverty and disease.
  3. Now if we used the war on drugs money on this...
  4. ...We could change the world.


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