The Dead 2009 Tour.

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    Well, 5280HighChick let me know that the Dead were coming to Denver about a week ago, and since then I've been scouring every street corner for enough change to buy tickets with.

    Who else is going? I'm thinking I'll have enough put together for a seat just 14 rows from the stage pretty soon, but they are probably going to go quickly so I'm even thinking about charging my credit card. Moronically, I know, but it's for a good cause.


    I've been a Significantly Unknown Listener in the Deadhead World for a good portion of my life, so not seeing them before Jerry passed on was bad enough, but failing to see them while the remaining members are touring my city... just 60 miles away would be a cardinal sin. Of course, I was 5 years old when Jerry died, but that's okay!


    So, who else already has plans for the show, is making plans now that I made this thread, and who could really care less? If the latter remark catches your eye, I suggest finding a new method of approach to a great band.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station 3-18-77[/ame]
  2. Ive seen Phil Lesh and friends at a big new years eve bash in San Fran. Amazing experience, will remember it all of my life. Go for sure man, and have fun.
  3. Already got a ticket to the Allstate Arena, contemplating going the second night.
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    playing at the IZOD CENTER..yay! NJ ALL DAAAY
  5. I wanna go and I have enough money to buy a ticket, I just don't know if any of my friends will go with me =$

  6. sure you could make good enough friends at the show haha :D

    Id love to see them, doubt ill have the chance. No jerry tho =(
  7. Yeah I'm going to the 4/19 show

    If you've got tickets, make sure you check in in the Dead Zone social group

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    We got tickets!

    I was talking to my Roomie about going and he was fairly excited about it, but our funds together were about enough to buy a ticket and a half. Well, while talking to my Mom on the phone, I brought it up to her and she was so excited about seeing The Dead that she pitched the rest for our tickets and bought one for herself! Fucking sweet.

    If you look at a map of the Pepsi Center, we're in section 148 about 11 rows back. The only ones Ticketmaster was offering were literally behind the stage, so we bit the bullet and tried a different site and it definitely paid off.



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