The DEA Harvested My Plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by scorpio47, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. On June 16th 2004 at 5:15 PM I was arriving home from work and I was raided by a task squad from Deming New Mexico.
    They charged me with cultivation of 4 plants that I was growing for personal use. I was placed under arrest and put in jail . I was charged with two class four felonies. I have sense been bailed out by friends and I have a lawyer, that is going to cost me $2500.00.
    I'll be seeing my lawyer on the 7th of July, and well see what will happen then.
  2. how you get cought?
  3. Been there done that twice :smoking:
  4. haha it makes me laff thinking about how much money is thrown down because you had 4 plants in your house, i mean, cops from dea are highly paid, and they probably used most of the workday on you.

    so thats like 4 cops working a full day on you, then theres other cops involved, the prison and such, so totally yhey burned like 100 manhours of policework on you because your a pothead and its a fellony, hahahah, so funny to me.

    but im sorry u got busted, did u buy your growlight with your visa or something?
  5. How did you get caught, because that's pretty fucked up. When's your court date? Lotsa good luck with that. Fight the good power, and get out of it.
  6. FIGHT THE SYSTEM MAN!!! fuck peeps do more bad shit today i saw some crazy shit bout peeps in africka nobody raids their ass but some stoner who grows a few plants for the enjoyment of nature ...and blazin gets busted WTF IS THAT!!! GOOD LUCK BRO...haha maybe u can pull off that line from the move BLOW
  7. Check ot the magic outhouse, the police aren't that bad over here. It has been decriminalised. So it is more like a parking fine. Good luck with your battle.
  8. how did you get caught? please let us all know so we can try to not make the same mistake. Do you know for sure how they found out? perhaps a neighbor ratted you out?
  9. that'd be funny as hell if he did use the speech from blow. lol
  10. I think it was the neighbors
  11. not too funny but i think hes in jail shit he said he was gonna tell us the updates and uh you cant make em in jail. i hope hes not but is there any other expanation he may be busy with trial and but i hope he gets thorugh it ok
  12. Shit i aint gotta worry i live in ohio and the only thing around here is weed and coke and the cops are all busy makin coke busts so im in the clear except for some of my freinds and me smoke primos so shit nevermind
  13. shit me to its true coke u forgot about crack u know millionare mike im sure u do if u live in ohio

    peace good luck with trial

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