The Dazed and Confused Drinking Game.

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  1. Well i don't know if any of you guys have ever played it or even heard of it but I bet many of you will enjoy at least reading the rules and imagining how trashed you could get if you follow these rules tightly, Well here it is.


    Whenever any of the events below occur, take as many drinks as you are directed to take.
    Single Drinks

    * Any reference is made to drugs (take two if it's not pot)
    * Mike or Tony does something dorky
    * Freshmen are referred to in a derogatory way
    * Don moves in a way that apears more animal than human (this happens most of the time he's on the screen because he's so quirky -- most of the time, he moves like a spastic orangutang, but he also has moments where he looks like a snake or chipmunk as well)
    * The term "Air raid" is used (makes the initiation scene kinda hard to get through)
    * Slater says something funny (I've seen this movie a buttload of times, but I still crack up anytime Slater opens his mouth)
    * Any paddle is seen
    * The word "cool" is used
    * Beer is referred to without saying the word "beer"

    Double Drinks

    * Any reference to the pledge agreement Pink is supposed to sign for football
    * The random stoner is seen (the guy that hangs around with Slater and is always stoned, but we never learn his name). [Note: I've recently been told that this guy's name is Kyle. Thanks, Bill]
    * Any freshman is seen getting busted
    * Wooderson expouses some of the knowledge he's gleaned from his years of experience
    * Mitch touches his nose (this makes the scene with Mitch and Sabrina outside of the Emporium hard to get through -- furthermore, once you notice this, it'll drive you crazy for the rest of your life any time you see the movie)
    * Any reference made to O'Banion's stupidity
    * Pickford laughs maniacally
    * Anyone falls, trips, or is knocked over
    * Anyone repeats anything someone said earlier in the movie (regardless of the gap in time)

    Three Drinks

    * You hear a song that doesn't appear on either soundtrack
    * Any legitimately dramatic moment (four if it appears linked to some sort of plotline)
    * Cynthia says something deep

    Four Drinks

    * Any character says their own name
    * Mike sounds like Snagglepuss
    * A minor is seen with a beer in the presence of a visible sign prohibiting minors from drinking
    * Anyone smokes their belt buckle
    * Anytime a smiley face is seen (Note: this is truly a gem -- they are rare and well-hidden, but they are out there)

    Whole Beer

    * You notice something about the movie you haven't noticed before
    * You see something indicating that the movie wasn't filmed in the '70's

    Drink and Hold

    Start a drink and continuing to drink it for the duration of the following events:

    * During any kiss
    * During Melvin's James Brown-esque shimmy dance on the truck at the party at the Moontower.


    You might try having everyone select a character a drink either any time that character:

    * Drinks
    * Says something
    * Is seen onscreen

    You might consider adding a rule that you must take a drink anytime anyone is seen smoking any pot. Be forewarned, however, that this happens no less than 39 times over the course of the movie. I didn't include it in the main rules out of respect for the human liver.
  2. I've heard variations of this. I remember trying it once with friends whenever someone said the word man. It got a little ridiculous and we stopped, and I IMDB'ed it, and they say man something like 209 times or something. My manager told me to take a shot every time Mitch touches his nose. I then watched and noticed he does it a lot, and was like "Damn........."
  3. Way too many rules
  4. Take a drink everytime someone says "man". It's said more than 200 times in the movie.
  5. I really don't wanna die of liver failure, so i'll just take a hit everytime i hear some1 say man(since u guys say it says it alot) and i say man alot also lol
  6. Hell yeah, when he's talking to sabrina outside the emporium, he touches his nose every time he says something. It's the only part of the movie i get annoyed at.

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