The day i used to be jacked

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  1. About 3 years ago i used to be in CRAZY shape now im ready to get back into shape and stay in shape. Im SUPER out of shape right now since i havent worked out in 3 years but did take weight lifting seriously about 3-4 years back. I used to be in crazy shape but 3 years of beer drinking and fast food eating im obese and out of shape. This thread is about me getting in crazy shape again. Like i used to not even have cheat days thats how focused i used to be on diet and calorie maintenance. I know tons about fitness and im about to put my knowledge to use and get back into shape like i used to be. Judge me all you want now i dont care cuz im a fat fuck right now but in about 12 months ill be back to where i used to be give or take a few months.

  2. Rofl the suck in i do it to makes me look skinny. I am 2 1/2 into my new diet i was always built just crappy eating habits. I noticed a lot of difference so far ive only lost 10 pounds but my waistline is starting to shrink fast i need new pants/belts. This is what i usally eat.

    Mouring protein shake.
    1 avocado
    1 banana
    1 tbs flax seeds
    1 scoop of protein powder
    1 cup almond milk

    Chicken breast or steak or pork loin

    Whatever my parents make

    During the course of the day im eating fruits and nuts, my cheat days are on the weekends. I dont eat fast food and i dont eat after 8 pm. Good luck on your way back to being healthy and remeber nobody likes quitters.
  3. lol the suck in? Like this?


    Lol thats what i look like sucking in but in the first picture that just how i look. I know how to get in crazy shape as you will see but its just my update thread from fat as fuck back into the shape i used to be in.
  4. I do look like shit right now but remember i haven't lifted a weight in about 3years. Once i start dieting and lifting my body should be back where it should be. Im pretty much in the same boat as luimarco, remember i weigh 210 and im just around 5 feet 10 inches so my body is pretty thick granted i do have quite a bit of bodyfat.

    [ame=]Lookback at Luimarco's Transformation - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Anyone have doubts?
  6. Fuck peoples doubts...Unless you want people to doubt you so you can use it for motivation. In that case boooo you suck youll never make it.
  7. Eat red meat, peanut butter and white bread.

    Drink beer.

    Lift weights.

    Become Arnold. Works for me.

  8. I dont need motivation im ready to have a life transformation. Its not a diet its a total life change which most people forget.
  9. Well get going then bro. Interested to see the changes. Just keep them pants on..
  10. nice bush.

    You can do it bro.
  11. Btw, since no one else said it:


    That is all XD!

  12. how old are u op? I used to be crazy into working out for 4 years, fell off, and now getting back into it.
  13. Why would you let your health slip away like that? I was fat but now I'm in pretty good shape. I can't imagine wasting all the work I've put in to go back to where I started. Good luck with everything. I've heard it's easier for people to get in shape if they used to be in shape.
  14. god damn dude put on some pants

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