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  1. I can't wait to hear how this plays out. I'm in a different time zone so I'm sure the meeting has barely begun. This is gonna be landmark if it passes.

    Hear that Tennessee? Get on this shit.
    Also, Kentucky should do this too, instead of passing a law that says if you have THC in your blood you can be incarcerated.
  2. this is almost too good to be true... i mean.. holy shit. there has been no mention of the goings on in cali then... BAM FUCKIN LEGALIZE IT out of nowhere...

    being a resident of california, and a student, i know first hand what kind of crisis this state's in as far as the budget is concerned. i pray to god this passes and we can get this budget in order and i can get my financial aid next semester:]

    this is so great! thanks for posting this! im tellin all my friends
  3. oh. my. gosh.

    50 bucks an ounce for cali grown chronic

    that would be more then amazing in every way
  4. Haha, a tax of $50 per Ounce, not $50 for an ounce.
  5. i posted this yesterday so theres two threads going on about the same thing
  6. ok they should make it 18 not 21 that's gay i think.:confused:
  7. The other thread should be merged into this one or something.

    This is good news, but this bill is not gonna pass any time soon. For this bill to pass, a lot of money needs to be put where it will help reduce negative attitudes and misconceptions about weed.
  8. no way the more threads in more sub forums the better
  9. was this posted in the right thread? :confused:
    I agree with everything you said except the OP supports legalization.

    Also, federal law trumps state law so even if this passes (and I hope it does) marijuana will still not be legal anywhere in the U.S. until the federal marijuana prohibition is ended.
  10. Like has been said before, the more air time our cause gets, the better. Even if this does not pass, it will make people think. Something that is clearly lacking at present. :rolleyes:
    If people can see benefit to this, such as funding education or healthcare, it may have a chance some day. People haven't lost hope in our "House of Cards" economy just yet. But if things keep getting worse, the industries that prohibition protects will not be able to provide jobs any longer and new industry will need to emerge. Add to that the narco state that Mexico appears to be headed towards, if it isn't already here. Things need to happen quickly.
  11. Why isnt this getting more press coverage. This seems like a big deal and no news organization is taking it seriously. Seems like CNN should be talking about it or something.
  12. Seriously.. i found it on Yahoo's main page.. only by setting my location to san fran and clicking on local news.
  13. Way to go california. I can't wait to move back : ).

    Dear god I hope this passes.
  14. I guess I'll be relocating really soon. Hopefully I can get a job in the industry. Would be dope. No pun intended.
  15. if it were to happen in any state I would give it to Cali
  16. this is the greatest thing ever! *sniff sniff*
  17. Does anyone have an update about this? I couldn't stop thinking about this at work all day.
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    everybody from california needs to contact their assembly members, the mpp has a form letter and automatically addresses it for you. do it , it's so easy

    and no, this is not a rickroll

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