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The Day Arrives!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. HAPPY 4-20!


    enjoy yer smoke everyone... and if u could, smoke a J/bowl for me and try to pass that stoned feeling onto me (and others without smoke on this the day of the stoner) through the cosmic airwaves ;p i wanna see if i can get high without smoke inhilation. hehe
  2. With the vibes I'm sending to you Digi-baby, you'll get stoned out of your head. I'm going to send some of those other "special" vibes to you too, just cause I luv ya!!! ;)
  3. Sorry to report on 4/20 all I can do is look at my not ready to smoke, budding plants, bummer, my girls should be ready in 2-3weeks, till then I wait.......................................
  4. happy 4/20... i more than likely won't be smoking today (it being easter and all). oh well, i got pleanty to do instead.

    have fun everyone :D
  5. Happy 4/20 to all and to all a good day!

    Enjoy the day!
  6. happy 4-20!!!!

    i have been saving the last bowl of super dank for half a week just for this occasion. it goes out to you digit, you and all the other blades and bladies that have no herb for the stoners holliday.
  7. HapPy 4-20 Y'all!!!!
    I'm at work right now until 4:00 :(, but im gonna smoke a half when i get out though...gonna go roll a couple up right now :)
  8. I tried to save a few bowlpacks of kb for today too but I failed now Im weedless and the hunt for bud begins...
  9. last 420 i got absolutely screwed. i had 2 hockey games in detroit area (3 hours away) and was stuck with my parents the whole time, no weed and my friends with weed didnt end up callin me when i got back. i gotta make up for that this year but i dont have my own bud so it all depends on my buddy.......

    if possible ill smoke a fatty for every unfortunate stoner on this great day
  10. Can't wait til my parents leave in about 20 mins, I'm gonna smoke a couple of bowls and go to work at 3.. :(
  11. Happy 420 everybody. Gonna go smoke out a friend this
  12. happy 4/20 to all of you! may it be the best youve had yet! hope everyone is enjoying it! I am, so far, got out of work early, but still waiting to REALLY enjoy it ;) sooooooon though! :)
  13. rumjil... lemme guess... u were smoking something indica right?

    i got a lil confused as to how i felt so heavy today... musta been the weed i never smoked :) and i had a lil meditation and felt the vibes... thnx rumjil... ...a friend of mine once said we all have a little buddah in us all, but i think u got alot girl. ;)

    and nikidog, you'll forgive me if i dont feel the slightest bit sorry for you and your predicament. :p
  14. Sorry digit but I just dont get it?
  15. happy 4/20.

    ah, was out in the park yesterday playing boulle (like curling, but on grass). stoned off my ass. loosed too even, 1-2.

    it was such a wonderfull day. lot's of sun and lot's of weed. sooo relaxed today, the day after. gotta get stoned again and maybe call up some friends and play crocket :)
  16. was a little too stoned to figure out how to turn on the computer on 420. so i'll say it today!! happy 420 everyone:D
  17. me too, me too. forgot all about the computer, spending the day in the sun.
  18. Digit...I will get high for you anytime you want me to.;) I like sending you vibes...all kinds!

    Nikidog...Digit was being slightly sarcastic in what he was saying. He's just jealous that you have a budding plant that you can enjoy in a few weeks. Even though you weren't going to be able to get high on the most sacred of all will have your very own harvest soon enough. :)
  19. I was busy on 4/20...but you can be sure I was thinking of the City....oh boy, was I!
  20. I was in vernon BC visiting the grandparents :(

    still managed to have one huge sesh at 10 pm though :D

    5 rounds of quality 'sheesh ;)

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