The DaVinci Code

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  1. I just finished the book, and my god, it was absolutely AMAZING! I suggest if you haven't read it, go read it. I couldn't put it down. Some of the things in there, and just how brilliantly everything tied in, it was increadible. I'd like to hear your views of it. Another thing that blew my mind about it was the number PHI, and how everything in nature revolves around that Divine proportion. Anyway, i'd lke to hear your opinions.
  2. I really liked it too

    but then i read Angel and Demon and began to notice the repetative nature of Dan Brown's writing...
  3. Ive read Angels and Demons and liked it alot, ive yet to read Davinci code though. Try reading "Deception Point" It too is a good one written by Dan Brown.
  4. Yeah I agree the DaVinci code was amazing. I don't remember a lot from it now though, I read it a few years back, I should re-read it.

    Isn't the movie coming our real soon?
  5. I'm a Brown fan too. I can't WAIT for the DaVinci Code to hit theaters!

    I too loved the book. I wish I would have read Angels and Demons first to help with the story line, but yeah...still a great read. I read both books right after a trip overseas and they hit many of places I was just visiting (which is always pleasurable). The research that went into both books is phenomenal. There were cool facts all the way through the DV Code. Totally worth rereading.

    Deception Point is awesome! The only thing I don’t like about Brown’s books is that they always end with an unnecessary, yet awkwardly written love scene. :smoking:
  6. If the movie is any bit as good as the book, then it should be freaking awesome, especially since its going to star Tom Hanks. That guy can act! I've never looked forward to a movie as much as I am for DaVinci Code.
  7. i wanted to like the story but i couldn't get past Brown's poor writing style of using the same word or phrase several times in close proximity and posing obvious examples of some "deep" theme. It read very stilted and rigid to me as if the author was trying to replicate a style of writing that was too grand and intricate for his capacities.
  8. I laughed when I found out the movie is being directed by Ron Howard. I don't know why but he strike me as just... funny. lol
  9. :laughing: I can only think of Mayberry's very own little Opie Taylor. heh :smoke:
  10. You guys make it sound so good that I'm gonna go pick it up :). Thanks.
  11. I read the entire book in about 5 hours, mainly just so I could learn more about the religious consipiricy theories. I felt like the book was just the backdrop for a religion essay and the story was poorly weaved around it. I still loved it cause I am so intrigued by religion in general. I was born Jewish, and while I feel I will always remain Jewish I have strayed off the path a little bit. However, both of my stepparents and their families are Catholic so I have a lot of exposure to it, almost sparking my intrigue. I am also into Catholic imagry in paintings, sculptures etc.

    PS. I just popped a few oxy's and burned a fat 2.5 gram jay and I am so high right now that took me forever to write. Im like floating on my temper pedic. I love this motherfucking thing. Best investment ever thats not weed related.
  12. for sure, but in my opinion A&D is his best that i've read. i've read angels and D, the davinci code, and deception point

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