The Darkness

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Digit, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. definately the flavour of the moment... and yes, they've even caught the attention of a prog fan like me.


    are they a one hit wonder? will they, do they, have more great material besides the song that gets played all the time everywhere?

  2. The darkness?who are they
  3. i really dont like them but i got chance to see them at leeds festival this year, and they do put on a good show, if there is a song i like by them its 'get your hands off my woman' or 'love on the rocks'... my girlfrend likes them so i have to have there sngs on my pc or else she gets violent
  4. I don't like them. I don't think they'll be hanging around in force for a very long time, though I've been saying that since they first became popular and everywhere I went I heard their FUCKING CD!!

    Digit, if MoogleKexin hadn't already told me you quite liked them, I would have been very surprised to hear that you do. Have you got the album?
  5. i think weed gave me a bullshit filter, i now can tell the difference between over rated bull and well good tastic

  6. not a chance. i've learned my lesson not to buy albums for qausi pop bands who have hit upon a good sound... its too early for me to tell, but the risk of them having no real lasting appeal is to high for me to actually wanna spend money on them.

    that makes me sound all thrifty and tight, i'm not... i've just learned from past mistakes. :D

    i think they might fall due to over expossure. ya know... burn up their 15 minutes real quick.

  7. What kinda prog? Like progressive rock? Check out Liquid Tension if that's the case! Experiment 2 is probably one of the best prog rock cd's out there!
  8. i like gotta listen to "get your hands off my woman"'re good for a laugh........the set out to be a spinal tap kinda band, and i think they've succeded in it..........Peace out........Sid

  9. Definately. In fact, I think their popularity's starting to wane significantly already.

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