The Darkness sucks.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Jack_Herrer, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Has anyone hears this band. that song i believe in a thing called love. jesus christ. that song makes me wanna stick cow prods in my ears.
  2. hippy music and country does the same thing to me...
  3. I cannot understand how everyone can take the darkness so seriously! Isn't it blatantly obvious that the whole band is a joke?
    Check these videos out:
    I found them fucking hilarious.

    Hasn't anyone seen spinal tap?
    Same deal.

  4. yes i have!! sir u are a god amonst men!

    tis good innit?
  5. How did that band Ever get a recording contract? I mean, I
    can't even understand how they can stand to be heard.
    If I sounded like that, I wouldn't even sing in the shower.

    (Edit): Oh, OK.
  6. man... tis sad that so many people like them... what's there to like?!
  7. ha i cant believe were even talking about them...they sound like a shitty classic rock band and they would have been a reject band if they had been around back then

  8. its true there just a kinda comercial rip off of queen

  9. I also got the urge to stick cow prods in my ears while listening to that song...
  10. ahh,there actually a new band?i thought it was an old band's hidden tape.interesting?i think not
  11. I like classic rock, hippie stuff, and queen... which have all been dissed in this thread....

    But this band clearly sucks. If they are for real, the acting in that video was horrible. They just need a good writer... and if they're not for real... they need a good writer, even from a comedic look at them... they suck. But I can't be one to judge really, this is all my opinion of course.
  12. *cough* it's a joke *cough* *cough*

    The band is clearly not serious at all. It's not like they are trying to rock out.
  13. I'm with Gren and the rest of you guys. These guys blow giant nut sacks. I hate when a huge mass of people who know nothing about music starts to enjoy a shity song from a shitty band. Its gonna be pop/punk all over again.
  14. Wow I'm really glad we all hate the darkness! Me and my two friends love heavy metal, all types and genres. We have exceptions and stuff but my friends have gone too far. They, in fact, like.... the darkness...
  15. Hei, c'mon folks...they're halarious. I lov'em. I don't even think they take themselves seriously. And they know that their music has been played before, which makes them way more intelligent and down to earth than loads of other bands and gendres (spl?), not mentioning names *cough* rap *cough*
  16. this proves my point.... british people often listen to some horrible music. remember the spice girls??????
  17. if you hate the music, then you just don't get them............they are the new version of spinal tap, even Bruce from Maiden said he liked their stuff, and as a joke, as well......but he'd wait a few years to see if they made it.......did you's know that Bruce is actually a qualified pilot for British Airways? cool...........Peace out.............Sid
  18. I like the movie Spinal Tap, and the music because it is funny. Does The Darkness try to be comical in their lyrics? Well either way the music itself sucks, and I don't normally mix music and humor unless it is truely funny(Stephen Lynch etc.)
  19. Haha, I find the lyrics funny.

    "Touching meeeee. Touching youuuuu"
    and the whole intentional faggy metal attitude just makes me laugh. You guys must have something stuck up your ass if you can really find nothing funny about the darkness...and if it wasnt funny it wouldnt be worth bashing anyway.,
  20. they are an amazing 80s rock sound to them, how cant u love that, its great

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