The Dark Side of Oz?

Discussion in 'General' started by BioHazard, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Ok, I'm sure most of you if not all of you have seen The Wizard of Oz... on those same lines, I'm sure most of you have listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. But, how many of you have watched the movie while listening to the album, a combination justifiably (sp?) called, The Dark Side of Oz. When timed correctly, Dark Side of the Moon plays perfectly with The Wizard of Oz, with or w/o the movie sound being played. It's been speculated that Pink Floyd did this on purpose, even though it has been denied... either way, it's pretty bad ass to experience, especially for the first time.

    Just a quick example... When timed perfectly, the mood of the music, tempo, and lyrics will change as the movie progresses, and certain events in the movie go hand in hand with the soundtrack. -When the house lands at the end of the tornado, when it supposedly drops her in Oz, Dorothy proceeds to the outside door to investigate all that has happened. Just as she opens the door, the movie switches from black & white to color, which was quite significant during the time in which the movie was created, because it was VERY expensive. When synced correctly, as she opens the door, "Money" will begin to play with the typical cash register "cha-ching", which is just one of many kick ass occurrances between the movie & the album.

    For those of you who haven't seen this before, I highly recommend doing so, it's quite a trip! There are sites all over the web as to how to do this, most of them are pretty consistant with eachother. But from what I remember, and what I have experienced myself (I've watched it many times), you need to set your CD player on repeat from the start, and don't FF the CD to where the music starts, however, if your CD player is a bit slow in response, you may want to consider playing until it starts to count, then pausing immediatly. Next, start the movie with the sound ON, and loud enough to where you can hear clearly. As the MGM (Metro Golden Mayor) Lion appears in black & white, listen for the THIRD lions roar, as he roars the third time, hit PLAY on the CD player... once again, make sure it's set to repeat. Now, for the best results you should turn down the TV volume, and enjoy the sounds of DSotM as it plays along with the movie.

    Enjoy, and post feedback!

  2. I've been wanting to do this forever!! I'd have to buy both things first even though I've seen/heard them both before. I have a friend who did it and said it was fuckin awesome. I wanna try this.
  3. im pretty sure you can download it already sincronized (sp?) on kazaa.
  4. sooo you can just hit play on the cd at a certain point at the very start of the movie and just let it play on repeat and you won't have to fast forward or skip any tracks or anything to make it match up? huh. neat.
  5. I downloaded the synched up version last year and somehow never got around to watching it until a couple nights ago. I was so disappointed that i had waited that long, because that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. One great thing about is, you can get distracted and do something else and still enjoy the experience because dsotm is still playing. Also, when I was watching, I noticed that a girl I worked with back home (and will work with again this christmas) looks a lot like dorothy. Kinda weird, but I'm gonna use that to my advantage when I got home and have to get my game going back there again. Mebbe she'd like to come over and watch it with me...and she's looks like dorothy...and damn, dorothy is a cutie...and you don't have to watch it all to enjoy it. If that's not a recipe for getting some, I don't know what is.
  6. I can't share a joint with anyone :(

  7. I got a huge kick out of the whole suicide deal. When I was in college, my freshman year, we filled a dormroom for a week straight watching the movie w/ the soundtrack, and finding all the little mysteries involved. Yeah, the munchkin swinging from the tree in the background is a bird... and one way you can tell that it's not a munchkin in the far off background is... the background is painted... I swear we watched the scene 40 times one night arguing about it... at first we all believed then quickly ruled it out... by #40, our answer was definate. Stupid freshman... we should have figured it out sooner... but alas, those were my younger days...


  8. Why can't you smoke?
  9. been posted many times. Parents are testing me and if I test positive I get kicked out of the house and get no more college money.
  10. well... that sucks... I live with my parentals too, but they know I smoke, just can't get caught with it in the house... lucky me!
  11. the luniticks are on the grass.....

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