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the dark side of oz..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. has any one herd about this or seen it, right now i am dling, and i olny saw about 5 mins and its crazy!, for all of u that dont know what it is, is if u wach the Wizard of Oz and on the 3ed roar start to play the dark side of the moon buy pink floid, it well sicnorize very cloesly(wich so far it has)one part if u can rember when that lady takes away dorths dog right after that the lyrices start "takeing away the monets"(at lest i think that was he says kinda lit right now) and just crazy shit like that there are a LOT more stuff that come up like that. to find out more on the Similarities, and cowintadis( i know i did not spell that right...but any way hears a site that will help u more with doing it THE RIGHT WAY, and ponts out some things..u can all so go to and search under the dark side of oz.....thanks.....peace....MrSbb

    extra note....a nother way that i have heard to make sure that u have done it right is when the first crered comes up who dricoter it the muc shud kick in then...if u have any troble ready or under satnding what iam right replay or pm me....thanks.....peace....MrSbb
  2. yeah....but i olny saw what u put..but this is the hole move with the hole cd repeat....
  3. Very trippy and very cool! i've done this several times, and i've also heard that there are others that are similar. i like pink floyd so anything with floyd in it is good for me!
  4. yea man ever wonder is a cool site

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