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the dark side of ms. jane....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokey's, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. I was chatting with a couple of friends (non-tokers) the other day and we started talking about laced marijuana. To cut the story short, someone mentioned something about marijuana soaked in embalming fluid. (btw embalming fluid is used to prepare postmortems for funerals).

    Apparently, this allows it to expand so it looks "bigger". The stories were endless. People who smoked it experienced intense headaches as well as fluids leaking out of all known orifices. Intense cases were hospitalized.

    At first it scared me half to death, but I eventually recalled a story like this in D.A.R.E. I have tried, through many hours of mental anguish, to put this idea out of my head... Any thoughts??
  2. 1st of all I have never heard of one person ever buying or getting laced weed that he didnt ask for
    2nd No Shit embalming fluid is used for embalming
  3. This is when people lace there weed with PCP, not actual embalming fluid. Your smoking PCP, so other stuff is going to happen. Liquid won't be pouring out of orifices, and your smoking PCP so you could be hospitalized. Remember, 99% of what DARE told you was lies.
  4. I have seen this up north in Chicago and such. It is true.

    They usually sell it under the name greens... It looks like crap sticky regs but for mids pricing.
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  6. don't stress over this. the variant that i heard was formaldehyde rather than embalming fluid (it is technically embalming fluid, but more of the head in a jar variety, i don't think it's used in humans, but whatever) and instead of it being directly laced, you'd score a j that had been dipped in it.

    1) i am sure someone, somewhere has tried this to ill effect.
    2) if the story exists in multiple versions, that it is widespread, common, frequent, or even something that has happened more than one time is questionable because it's probably an urban legend of some kind
    3) the vast majority of the people who are in a position to do this never would, so as a rule, avoid people who you think would do it. trust your dealer
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    all the weed is gonna kill u stop smoking and ill smoke your laced stuff dont worry just watch out if i come at u with a knife screaming about zombie gophers and the rebirth of the third riech (i have no idea how to spell it)
  8. Fuck you Troll
  9. Yea its really pretty simple. This is just some bullshit that maybe one or two assholes tried to pull. First of all when you buy weed, you should buy it from people you know relativley well and trust(i'm friends with most of my dealers), to ensure your getting the quality and quantity you pay for. Plus whenever I get bud I always check the shit out and smell it. If its laced with embalming fluid, the shit will not smell like weed. Chances are it will smell like embalming fluid.
  10. Embalming Fluid is Slang For PCP.

    Not actual Formaldahyde.
  11. Buy from a trustworthy source and you shouldn't have to worry about PCP on your bud.
  12. why is this thread in this section...
  13. generally if you buy some overpriced mids from a nig you are increasing your chances of it being laced with pcp.... laced with shitty mids cause thats normally all that nigs can get they dont wanna pay for the dank
  14. Formadahyde is a volitile solvent maening that it evaporates VERY quickly, and that it is also extremely flamable. Alcohals are a class of volitile solvents, they evaporate fast, and are flamable, if you soak a j in vodka and than smoke it would you get drunk? NO
  15. lol..
  16. From a what nighater?
  17. All I was asking was if anybody had heard of this myth and if so what's the deal. Don't hate.

    I think many of you are misinformed. I am talking about LEGIT embalming fluid, not the slang term. The slang term refers to PCP which is dissolved in water. Im talking about formaldehyde and ethanol, not "PCP water".
  18. Absolutely true! I'm going to CSU Sacramento, and even the business teachers here say the same thing. It's really common sense if you think about it. You would never add something that a typical weed smoker would never want, and charge the same or slightly more. Now if the dealer happens to be bragging about how this has a "little extra" then sure, you have every right to be skeptical.

    Move to a state with medical or change the laws in your state. Dispensary owners here have a vested interest in making sure their patients have quality medicine.
  19. sure, it might happen in extremely rare instances-- but the trained eye/nose could never overlook/smell the presence of enbalming fluid on buds. i'm in chicago and have never personally seen, or heard of anyone recieving such buds.

    but, even so, the more important point i came into this thread to make is that it's not ms. jane's fault. it's mr. america's.
  20. he never said the dealer was lacing it with PCP, some people just like to smoke PCP so they stick that shit in there with their buds

    no angel dust for me though :smoking:

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