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The Dankest Dank Ive Ever Smoked (Sorry No Pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FatJayz, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I could post a pic, but it would have to be on my webcam and there's no point cuz it sucks. I went out on a limb for a friend and bought a $20 gram (i never do that!) of Purple Rain. The nugs were so small with deep orange hairs and covered in frostiness. I put just enough for one huge hit in my pipe and ripped it hard. held it in and exhaled. i was so high  :laughing:  It seems like a indica, heavy body high and severe drowsiness off of one hit! i took 3 hits like that over 2 hours and was more stoned than i've ever been. I've been making this gram last 2 days, i usually go through 2 grams in a day (and thats light for me)

  2. Fuck this thread
  3. Yea fuck this ↑ you ain't smoke no dank.

    Pics or I call bullshit
  4. I love when you go out on a limb, and it turns out to be a good decision! Sound great bro! But I would try and get a picture up in this thread, or else blades will probably not have much to say.
  5. exactly you cant borrow a camera from a friend?
    seems like much but you got us hungry for pics
  6. my friends broker than i am lol i'll see what i can do on my webcam. 

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