The dangers of sobriety

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  1. So this is week 3 of my t break, which I started mostly because I've been smoking pretty much daily since high school (Im 22 now) and wanted to see what sobriety was like.

    The first week was no problem, I had trouble falling asleep for the first night and didn't eat much the that first day but sense then it's been all gravy in that department.

    But I have noticed some disturbing things About living sober and it's answered a lot of questions I had.

    Around the second week I noticed that I was getting very angry over the smallest and stupidest shit.

    Like yesterday for example, I hit my head on a hanging light and proceeded to rip it off the wall, which costed me 150 bucks. I have hit my head on that lamp 50 plus times while stoned as shit and never really cared.

    I got into a fight with a neighbor(he owed me 10 bucks), and I haven't been in a fight since middle school. I know for a fact if I was stoned I wouldn't have Gavin the 10 bucks a second thought, let alone punch my neighbor.

    Whats more disturbing was yesterday after USC(fuck USC) beat Oregon I seriously considered going downtown and finding a car with Cali plates and throwing a brick though the window.

    I didn't cause I'm smart enough not to get my self locked up but I wanted to so, so bad.

    I know now why parents and anti weed groups have so much passion fighting free choice, cause their angry and bored of there sober life style.

    I haven't really listened to music much, it's not the same sober. The music doesn't speak to me like it used to, it doesn't even sound the same. It's like a piece of the sound is missing.
    Being sober,
    Almost everything stresses me
    Out and violence becomes the first action my angry brain wants to take. I've never been a mean person, but being sober for weeks as turned me into a bitter asshole who hates the world.

    Maybe I'm Just a angry person and I've been self medicating since high school I know now how much weed has helped me. Living sober, I can tell my brain isn't working at 100 percent and I feel much dumber than if I had just roasted a bowl.
  2. Your body is just used to the substance so much, you take it away like that your obviously going to have some setbacks.

    But i've taken tbreaks before but never wanted to throw a brick through a car... thats some withdrawal shit right there haha
  3. Sounds like you got some anger issues bro.
  4. You're pissed
  5. Yeah I have discovered I am a very angry person, and Ive come to terms with it. I wouldn't say I have withdrawls, shit I have like 15 grams chilling in my weed jar and I haven't felt any urge to touch it. I'm gonna tough it out a few more weeks and see If any changes occur. If I'm still angry by then it looks like I need some therapy lol. I did go for a long hard run this morning and that helped a lot, maybe il use this t break to get back in shape.
  6. The worst part about sobriety for me is the boredom. I used to be angry like you OP, I'd smash controllers when I lost games and just be pissed over stupid shit. Luckily I mellowed out when I started smoking, but I have yet to get that angry again on a t-break. Keep it up man, you'll enjoy the ganj so much more when you start back.
  7. [​IMG]

    I just hate USC
  8. [quote name='"weednotcrack"']Well, as long as you are exercising and eating a healthy diet, anger and stress is no problem for sober people.

    Exercises For Stress & Anger Management | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Stress and the Importance of A Healthy Diet

    How to Reduce Stress With Diet - Diet Center - Everyday Health

    Plus exercise, fruits and vegetables get you high :D

    Get High On Exercise (page 1)

    Scientists Find New Sources of Plant Cannabinoids Other than Medical Marijuana? « Montana Biotech[/quote]

    All this was very helpful thank you
  9. You're probably not a mean person. You've been smoking daily for so long it's going to be a gradual curve toward sobriety. Exercise will help immensely.
  10. I havent toked in a year welcome to my life. I just want to rage on everything all the time.
  11. [quote name='"eric122"']I havent toked in a year welcome to my life. I just want to rage on everything all the time.[/quote]

    It's been 3 weeks and I'm right there with ya haha. I could smoke but I want to get to the bottom of this no smoking= anger issue I'm having.
  12. mine has only gotten worse I just fucking rage at every little thing and if i try to control it I feel like its build and i super nerd rage on everyone.

    But gl on sobriety I feel for ya man shits rough.
  13. You've pretty much admitted you use drugs as a band aid for your problems.

  14. At least it's an all natural band aid :smoke:
  15. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']You've pretty much admitted you use drugs as a band aid for your problems.[/quote]

    Mj isn't a drug. If I was poppin pills you would be correct.
  16. I've never understand the point of tolerance breaks.
  17. [quote name='"Vicious"']I've never understand the point of tolerance breaks.[/quote]

    Me neither but I'm curious as to what's behind my anger issues.
    I'm about to go pick up and oz and smoke
    It all at once by my
    Self and see how much better I feel lol
  18. pussy

    jk but for real yo

    ive been sober for a long ass time and you dont see me crying
  19. [quote name='"kronman907"']

    Mj isn't a drug. If I was poppin pills you would be correct.[/quote]

    Marijuana is a drug. You use it as a drug. You can't change definitions just because you dont like them.

    But I would be right either way. Call it a drug or not, you are using it as a band aid to cover up your problems instead of dealing with them

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